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Pulp & Paper

For almost 100 years Nash has supplied the paper industry with reliable vacuum pumps, compressors, and engineered systems for paper production and water removal for paper machines. Our products require minimal maintenance and keep your process running smoothly, even under the industry's demanding conditions. With product upgrades that include the NASH ECO-FLO for water savings, and the NASH EnduraSeal, we continue to offer innovative solutions that further enhance reliability while increasing energy savings and profitability for your mill. Our reputation in the paper industry is well known and hard earned. The reason is simple - our liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems are proven to help your mill produce quality paper at a lower cost. Further proof that Smarter Works Harder.

Need reliable performance plus energy savings? You need Nash.


Headbox Compressor and Vacuum Pump

Used in "air padded" headboxes, headbox compressor/vacuum pumps create a pressure/vacuum above the stock level (or "pond" level) in the headbox to ultimately control the velocity by which the stock exits the headbox ("jet" velocity) onto the moving wire. Our liquid ring pumps are usually configured to operate as both vacuum pumps and compressors through a series of valves. They either create a vacuum or a pressure in the void volume above the pond level to control the static head in the headbox.

Ozone Compression in Paper Pulp Bleaching

The process of using ozone as an oxidizing agent to bleach pulp has been developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional method of using Chlorine. Ozone is desirable for this process because it is an unstable gas that quickly deteriorates into oxygen after the bleaching process, leaving clean pulp that is free of unwanted chemicals. It also reduces pollution to both the air and water supplies.

In this application, our Liquid Ring Compressors are used to compress ozone gas in order to mix it with the pulp. Liquid ring compressors offer isothermal compression characteristics that will not cause thermal degradation of the temperature sensitive ozone gas.

Paper Machine Forming Section - Dewatering

Our vacuum pumps are used throughout the forming section of a paper machine to remove water from the paper stock in order to form a sheet of paper. In the forming section, varying levels of vacuum are applied across the flat boxes and couch rolls to remove the bulk of the water.

Paper Machine Press Section Vacuum

Pickup & Transfer Rolls
The suction pickup and transfer rolls use vacuum to transfer the paper from the forming section to the press section and guide the sheet from one felt to another in the press section.

Suction Press
The suction press uses mechanical action to extract the water from the paper sheet. In the press section, large granite or hard rubber covered rolls are placed in close contact to form a "nip". As the paper passes through the nips, the water is pressed out of the sheet into press felts that transport and cushion the sheet on its journey through the press section. Presses can have suction or non-suction rolls to aid in the water removal process.

Uhle Boxes
Once the pressing action occurs, the press fabric (or "felt") contains a mixture of water and chemicals; paper stock; other contaminants. Since each felt is a continuous loop, the water and contaminants must be removed prior to the next pressing action. Uhle boxes are stationary suction boxes that span the width of the felt and extract the water and contaminants accumulated by the felt in the pressing process. Each felt can have up to two uhle boxes per felt. Preseparation is required on all uhle box applications to prevent process water carryover into the vacuum pump.

Vacuum Filtration - Pulp and Paper Stock

Used on Brown Stock Washers, Lime & Mud Precoat Filters, Dregs Filters, and Deckers, the NASH pump pulls a vacuum on the interior of a rotating drum filter, removing proportionate amounts of liquid from the pulp, paper stock or other filtrates.