GMRC Series Refrigerated Air Dryer
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GMRC Series

High Capacity Modular Cycling Refrigerated Dryer

Time, effort and attention to detail is what went into the design of the Gardner Denver GMRC. The GMRC design has its components laid out in a way that minimizes the footprint of the dryer as well as the interconnecting tubing. When implemented into your compressed air system, the benefits of a simplified design are increased reliability and better efficiency.

  • Flows from 1350 to 2250 CFM
  • Modular design allows for the addition of up to 5 interconnected modules
  • Refrigeration suction and discharge gauge, refrigeration high/low pressure shutdown, compressor overload protection and many more options available
  • Simple design constructed with the best components
  • American Made
  • All GMRC dryers are designed to have pressure drops ranging from 1.2 to 3.6 PSID (competitive units experience up to 6.5 PSID)
  • Every component of the GMRC dryer has been tested and proven to be worthy of being associated with the Gardner Denver name
  • The design and quality componentry used in the GMRC enables less energy consumption which equates to a lower spend on electricity
  • Modular design lets you isolate a single unit for maintenance without taking down the entire system