Our range of truck mounted compressors utilise a diverse set of technologies including both screw and rotary vane compressors. Gardner Denver Transport offer solutions to a variety of challenging applications, including road tankers for dry bulk and liquid transfer, various utility and e-mobility vehicles and on-board power delivery.

Typical Compressor Applications:

  • Fluidise and discharge powders, granules, pellets and feeds from dry bulk road tankers.
  • Discharge bulk liquids from road tankers and tank containers.
  • Compressed air for on-board power on typical utility vehicle applications, such as civil engineering, tyre inflation and highway maintenance.
  • High quality electrified air compressors for the future of road and rail transport. 

Truck Mounted Compressor for Liquid Discharge

Installation Flexibility

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Flow Rate

Screw Truck Mounted Compressors

Gardner Denver Transport’s range of oil free, direct driven screw compressors for use in the dry bulk road tanker market are designed specifically to be efficient, reliable and quiet by design. Our range of truck mounted screw compressors can also be driven hydraulically via diesel engine, or through electric motor. 

All of our screw compressors are oil free and contactless, meaning there is zero risk of contamination for your valuable payload when discharging.


Rotary Vane Truck Mounted Compressors

Our original, lightweight and compact rotary vane compressors for the pressure discharge of liquids from road tankers and tank containers are manufactured specifically to meet the requirements that your critical applications demand.

The GD150/175 truck mounted compressors are specialised for use in the pressure discharge of bulk liquids from general purpose tankers. Examples of dischargeable product include; liquid food stuff, solvents, acids, alkalines, bitumen and other chemicals. 

The TX02 transit compressor represents the latest in transit air solution technology. To meet the demands of the new global focus on clean energy, the TX02 has been specially designed to meet the modern requirements in relation to size, weight, noise and fuel-source while maintaining the same great performance that our customers expect for truck, bus and rail applications. 

Finally, our SL/SLS range of pumps can be used for the pressure discharge or vacuum suction loading of liquid waste products.