GDHM Series desiccant Air Dryer
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GDHM Series

Dual Tower Desiccant Dryer

The GDHM Series desiccant air dryers use the proven “Pressure Swing Adsorption” (PSA) method for drying wet compressed air. This requires having two identical towers containing hygroscopic desiccant. The unique design of the GDHM Series allows for the dryer to start and stop with a compressor or point-of-use equipment to eliminate purge loss when off. The solid state memory feature allows the dryer to start where it left off in the drying cycle to prevent wet air downstream.

  • 3 - 50 SCFM
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSIG
  • Maximum Inlet Temperature: 120°F
  • Pressure Dewpoints to -100°F
  • Unique Energy Saving Design
  • Eliminate purge loss with remote stop/start control
  • Solid state timer with LED display for visual monitoring
  • Built in timer memory
  • Low velocity air through the desiccant for more efficient drying
  • Large internal air passages to reduce pressure drop
  • NEMA 4 Components (protects against water spray and dust)
  • Minimal threaded connections, for fewer leak points than competitive units
  • Easy change out desiccant cartridges
  • Components are all easily serviced and field replaceable. (No special tools)
  • Full repressurization before tower switch-over causes less shocking of the desiccant and no pressure fluctuation
  • No Plug Mufflers (Will not rupture or reduce dryer efficiency)
  • 6-ft. Electric Power Cord
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty (parts only - excluding contaminated desiccant and solenoid wear parts)