TX01 electric vehicle compressor
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Electric 'E' Compressor
TX01 Series

Gardner Denver’s TX01 series is specifically designed for the electric bus and truck market. E compressors – pneumatic equipment developed specifically for electric drives – in this range deliver market-leading performance in a compact and lightweight package.

All critical air functions are covered, including breaking, suspension, kneeling and door operation. The TX01 range of compressors are also capable of meeting the demands of hybrid, fully electric and vehicles running on alternative fuels like hydrogen cells.


Solutions As Low As 40kg

20% Smaller Packages

Simple Maintenance

NEW TX01 Compressor

TX02 Compressor

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Service Capabilities

Our leading engineering teams design our products to be easily servicable and calculate our maintenance intervals to maximise uptime whilst ensuring our solutions remain at peak efficiency for years of service. In the video below, our e-Mobility Product Specialist will lead you through our first highlight of this principle in action, showing how quick and easy our TX range of electric compressors can be serviced if you use our certified service kits and application knowledge.

Products in the TX series of electric compressors require typically only one service every year, allowing your fleet to spend more time on the road. We also highly encourage and implement a safety stock system nearby to minimise interruptions to service, supported by our global network of strategic partners. ‘We keep you moving’ is not just a strapline but our promise to you. To find out more about Gardner Denver’s e-Mobility aftermarket portfolio, including our service kits, recommended maintenance intervals and localised support network, view our aftermarket capabilities homepage.


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