Electronically Controlled Systems for Cryogenic Tankers

Cryogenic tanker customers have been partnering with Gardner Denver for decades and over that time we have developed a leading range of electronically controlled hydraulic systems for cryogenic tank operators. Within the cryogenic storage industry, we manufacture systems for tractor trailers as well as rigid systems to create solutions that are bespoke to your cryogenic requirements, prioritising safety and operational efficiency.

Cryogenic Tanker Systems

Our systems for controlling the discharge speed to maximise the performance of the product being delivered at different specific customer site conditions, ensuring the efficiency and safety of your operations.


Ease of Operation


Enhanced Safety Systems

Bespoke Solutions

Ease of Operation & Energy Efficiency

Through continued investment in our control systems, we have developed a cryogenic tanker system which works alongside the vehicle operator to provide peak performance at every onsite delivery. Our systems are preprogrammed by our electronics team to deliver the optimum flow rate possible at a given discharge point relative to the discharge pressure required, be it oxygen, nitrogen, or argon. Our packages integrate with your engine control systems to provide the most energy efficient solution for cryogenic discharge and distribution.

Enhanced Safety Systems

Our systems ensures ease of operation whilst maintaining the high safety standards and procedures that cryogenic tankers demand. Alongside our long term cryogenic customers, we have developed sophisticated over-pressurisation prevention systems to ensure the highest safety standards of your operations. We have enhanced our hydraulic oil coolers to contain sensors specifically designed for cryogenic tanks, reducing the risk of operational issues.

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