PTO Air Compressor Shaft Power Take Off
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PTO Air Compressor, Alternator and Hydraulic Systems
Layshaft Power Take Off

Gardner Denver’s 'AirDrive' PTO Air Compressor, Alternator and Hydraulic Systems are the most efficient solution to providing compressed air, electrical and hydraulic power for on-site application. Located in the chassis and using the gearbox single or twin outlet PTO to provide motive power, this can be either by propshaft or hydraulic drive. 

Increased Fleet Flexibility

& Secure

Greater Carrying Capacity

We offer our PTO air compressors, alternators and hydraulics in various configurations, based on your requirements. The PTO systems are lightweight and keep the load area and tow hitch-free for other purposes, making the vehicle more versatile. Operation is quiet, reliable and economical.

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PTO Air Compressor, Alternator and Hydraulic Installation Examples

PTO Air Compressor packages for tyre servicing applications
PTO Air Compressor systems for highway vehicles
Service Trucks

 Mobile Tyre Servicing

Highway Maintenance

 Road Repair Fleets


Service Capabilities

Gardner Denver Transport provide a complete aftermarket service offering including access to our extensive network of service centres and engineers for all of our Driveline on board power systems. “We keep you moving” is more than just a strap line, it’s our promise. If you break down, we’ll get you into one of our dedicated local service centres and back on the road as soon as possible. To find out more about Gardner Denver Transport’s aftermarket portfolio, including our service kits, recommended maintenance intervals and localised support network, view our aftermarket capabilities homepage.


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