Norfolk County Council ops for 10 DLF On Board Compressor

Gardner Denver Bradford has recently supplied 10 DLF Drive Line Compressor system to Norfolk County Coucnil.

In the past, Norfolk County Council had always used towable compressors, but after a very successful demonstration to their Fleet Manager, Health & Safety Manager and their Operatives, they decided that this was the way forward.

They commented by fitting the on board compressor this would give them a more versatile vehicle. In the past they would send a crew to carry out to a repair, often not knowing if they needed a compressor or not. This meant, if they had not taken a towable compressor with them, they would have to return back to their depot or call the office to have one sent out. This incurred extra costs in fuel, labour and extend the time to complete the work. Now, by having the on board compressor system they do not have to worry about this, saving fuel and labour costs.

Now they have the on board compressor system, this frees up the tow hitch in case they needed to tow extra equipment, such as a mini digger, traffic lights etc. This also removes a Health & Safety issue of having to push the towable compressor.

The 10 vehicles will be based in 4 locations around the County of Norfolk and are looking at setting up a service contract with Gardner Denver to maintain the equipment through it's life.

Submitted by Andrew Savage, Territory Sales Manager, Gardner Denver Bradford.