Gardner Denver Service Even on To the High Seas

Our Service Engineers travel all over the world to assist customers wherever needed. Usually these jobs are done on solid ground. A new experience awaited one of our Service Engineers the other day when a call came in to overhaul eight pumps on a Motor Vessel, loaded with Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice, that was en route from Brazil to Europe. This cargo ship was specially designed and built for the transportation of orange juice concentrate to points all over the globe. Since 1997, Gardner Denver Netherlands has supplied stainless steel lobe pumps and drives in cooperation with the ships tankbuilder.

A small boat brought our Service Engineer from Las Palmas to the MV on the Ocean where he got on board by a rope ladder that was flung over the side of the ship (see photo above).

During the journey our Service Engineer overhauled the pumps. After the overhaul the pumps were tested and ready to offload the cargo in the Antwerp harbor, job done and another satisfied customer!