Electronic Water Pumping System

Gardner Denver UK has completed a contract to supply Water Direct with several high specification vehicles equipped with customised pumping systems for the conveyance of Drinking Water.

When challenged by Water Direct to find an environmentally friendly, cost efficient solution for delivering the water Gardner Denver called upon its wealth of knowledge gained from its market leading “Optiload Milk Pumping system”.

Water Direct needed to find a method of maintaining the supply of drinking water whilst carrying out emergency repairs and maintenance to the water main.

The fully electronically controlled pumping system allows the water main to be severed, mains water supply stopped and pipework repaired whilst supplying fresh drinking water from a donor tanker. The water is supplied automatically on a demand only basis thus making sure that supply is continued to all customers which include households and factories.

The pumping systems can deliver the drinking water at flow rates up to 900 litre per minute and maintain pressures up to 10 bar.

Gardner Denver has engineered unique features into the package including driver remote control, automated engine stop start and self-regulating pressure which all provide Water Direct with and environmentally friendly cost efficient solution.