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Gardner Denver’s electric vehicle compressors are perfectly matched for electrified drive systems. The business applies an in-depth knowledge of pneumatic technology and an understanding of customer needs to deliver commercial packages of the highest quality.


Electric 'E' Compressor TX01 Series

Get Charged Up with Gardner Denver's TX01 Series! Ready to supercharge your electric bus and truck game? Look no further because Gardner Denver's TX01 series is here to electrify your ride! E Compressors, custom-crafted for electric drives, are at the heart of this groundbreaking range, delivering jaw-dropping performance without the bulk. It's power-packed, lightweight, and designed for the future. From braking to suspension, kneeling to door operation, these compressors have all the critical air functions covered. It's the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your electric vehicle needs. But that's not all!

The TX01 series is ready to meet the demands of the future with open arms. Whether you're going hybrid, fully electric, or exploring alternative fuels like hydrogen cells, these compressors have got your back. Don't just keep up with the electric revolution; lead the charge with Gardner Denver's TX01 series!


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Aftermarket Solutions
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Our partners rely on Gardner Denver Transport to provide high-quality automotive air compressor, pump and blower solutions for their businesses every day. To ensure continuous and optimal performance from our vacuum and pressure solutions, we provide an unparalleled aftermarket support package to all of our customers.


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