Fegan Transport Case Study

Fegan Transport chooses Automotive TR20 Screw Compressor


Fegan Transport are an Intermodal haulier located near Belfast, Northern Ireland. They operate a large fleet of vehicles that run from the North to the South of Ireland. Historically they have purchased skeletal trailers with engine driven blowers mounted on the trailer for their bag in the box discharge. The business is family run and takes great pride in the appearance of their vehicles, they are unmistakable when seen on the road. Their appearance attracts other haulage company’s attention and as such Gardner Denver benefits when they notice our blowers are installed on the fleet.


Vehicle Screw Compressor TR20 Haulage Applications



Customer: Fegan Transport - Intermodal Haulier

Location: Northern Ireland, UK

Application: Dry Bulk Vehicles

Products: TR20 Screw Compressor

Customer Benefit: Gardner Denver Transport deliver an automotive screw compressor solution that provides weight savings, reliability, and extra payload opportunities.

Why Gardner Denver

In the last 12 months Fegan have ordered several Gardner Denver compressors complete with tipping hydraulics. They selected the TR20 screw compressor due to its compact size that enables its installation inside the DAF three axle tractor unit. The purpose built TR20 enables the compressor to be propshaft driven from one outlet of the dual PTO and the tipping equipment is driven from the 2nd PTO aperture.



The compressors are regularly on plastic pellet discharge, the high capacity performance of the automotive TR20 screw compressor offers fast and efficient discharge times with the added benefit of very low fuel usage and low noise emissions. The TR20 compressor also offers a significant weight saving compared to an engine driven blower which positively affects payload and cost saving. 

The TR20 compressors and hydraulics have been installed by the Gardner Denver agent in Ireland, SM Components. Fegan Transport have expressed how happy they are with the performance and quality of the GD TR20 along with the weight savings, reliability and extra payload and expect to make this their standard installation for future vehicles. Gardner Denver Transport look forward to continuing our partnership with Fegan Transport in the future.


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