Aircraft Refueling and Aviation Fuel Transfer Equipment

Emco Wheaton aviation fuel transfer equipment is the first choice for safe and spillage free bunkering of aviation fuels.

We have designed our innovative fuel transfer technologies to the quality and safety standards required in aviation fuel transfer. Renowned by commercial and military bodies, the Emco Wheaton line of aviation equipment proved itself in the most demanding refueling operations.

We provide top quality hot and overwing refueling nozzles. API and DRY-BREAK couplers and adapters, including our patented TODO-MATIC coupling.

Please review our gallery of safe fuel and refueling equipment for aviation.

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The core idea behind our original line of aircraft refueling equipment is efficiency. High flow rates delivery and spillage-free safe operation. Emco Wheaton provides an economical alternative to ISO 45 standard hose couplings. Without sacrificing reliability, effectiveness, and the safety of operators and fuel systems.

Compatible with airplanes or helicopters. Capable of operating onshore or offshore. Proven in both military and commercial applications. Emco Wheaton is recognized worldwide and cross-industry as equipment synonymous with sophistication and security.

All Emco Wheaton aviation fuel transfer equipment is designed with safety, reliability, and effectiveness in mind. Aviation refueling operations demand only the highest quality standards, and that is the standard we follow when creating our solutions. The safety of your activities, operators, vehicles and customers is our primary concern. Our reliable aviation refueling equipment will eliminate potential spillage, fuel loss and accidents. We implement safety solutions in every piece of equipment we designed.

Safe adapters and couplers that only allow flow when connected. Refueling nozzles built and designed to keep residual losses at a minimum. DRY-BREAK couplings that ensure no fuel loss in case of an accidental disconnect.

Emco Wheaton refueling nozzles are durable and made to last in harsh conditions. New uses and solutions further enhance them.
The automatic hot refueling nozzle actively protects helicopters from cold starts. This nozzle ensures that no fuel is delivered by accident into the engine air intake if refueling with the rotors turning. It was initially developed as a military application but is an excellent choice for any helicopter operator.

The G180 overwing refueling nozzle is lightweight and easy to use while being rugged and durable. It features the Speed Spout System allowing an operator to exchange spouts in less than 5 seconds.

The Aviation TODO-45 DRY-BREAK coupling is fully compliant with ISO-45. It is also compatible with MS24484, STANAG 3105, and British Aerospace Spec 2C14. The classic possibilities of a TODO Dry-Break introduced into the overwing refueling process.

We offer two models of API Couplers by Emco Wheaton. Our renowned standard J0451 and the j0452 - the most advanced coupler available on the global market. Both ensure a minimal residual loss of fuel and safe disconnect under any pressure, intended or otherwise.

You can never go wrong with choosing TODO and Emco Wheaton aircraft refueling equipment. Reliable and safe solutions for the most demanding aircraft refueling operations. Contact us or request a quote for more information.