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At Gardner Denver Transport, we realise your application is unique, with its own distinctive challenges and requirements. We pride ourselves on understanding the complex solutions our customers require, and with a full range of mounted compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, and hydraulic oil tanks for trucks, we custom build bespoke solutions, tailored to your specifications.


Custom Engineered Solutions


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Hydraulic Oil Tanks for Trucks

Gardner Denver Transport Solutions offers various configurations of truck hydraulic systems, including standard tractor hydraulic kits and complete tipping wet kits. We also offer bespoke systems which can be utilised to hydraulically drive our own versatile truck mounted compressors, blowers, and vacuum pumps.

Installing one of our Hydrapak hydraulic oil coolers to your trucks provides many benefits and advantages over a traditional large hydraulic oil tank system. The compact size of the Hydrapak reduces the installation footprint on the vehicle and increases overall payload thanks a significant weight saving by as much as 300kg over a traditional hydraulic tank.

Our hydraulic oil tanks for trucks are also applicable for walking floor trailer applications. A typical walking floor trailer system operates at around 225 Bar, with oil flow at 110 litres per minute, making our compact GD Hydrapak system ideal for meeting the demands of most walking floor or belt discharge systems.

hk3 hydraulic oil tank for trucks and commercial vehicles

Flexible Drive Configurations

Gardner Denver Transport offer a wide range of oil lubricated, air cooled, or water cooled waste vacuum pumps. All of these products are available with bespoke series of ancillary product and different drive systems including hydraulic drive, belt drive, or direct drive via truck Power Take Off or auxiliary motor. All of these ancillaries, accessories, and systems will compliment and complete any vacuum pump installation.

Driveline On Board Power Compressor & Hydraulic Systems – Power Take Off

An extensive range of Power Take Off products and solutions allows our customers to select the right product for almost every application. PTO's are available with a range of fitment positions together with power and ratio options to give optimised performance. Optional output shafts are available to drive hydraulic and mechanical applications.

Our on board power compressor, alternator and hydraulic systems are built specifically to your requirements, and are available in a wide variety of options. Whether you require more power, space saving for increased carrying capacity, or a package designed to provide your fleet with extra utility, you can be sure that Gardner Denver’s on board power compressors have the right configuration for you.

DLG hydraulic on board power for trucks

Milk Collection Systems – OptiLoad

For bulk dairy farming, Gardner Denver has developed milk handling and processing equipment that provides high quality results for those in the milk production and dairy plant industry. The OptiLoad system, engineered specifically with the OEM and operator in mind, provides a total milk collection solution. The OptiLoad milk collection system provides full tanker functionality without compromise by the use of a secondary priming and line clearance.

Rotary Valve Systems

For the unloading of dry bulk "bag-in-box" and dedicated atmospheric bulk containers, Gardner Denver has developed a universal trailer mounted rotary valve system. You can either select a complete self-contained unit, which includes a separate diesel engine, or electric drive, or a system driven through the vehicle engine. We also offer a range of electrically driven mobile units for use on site including all necessary adaptors for dedicated atmospheric bulk containers.

Custom Engineered Projects

Gardner Denver Transport manufacture a range of bespoke package options, from electrical or diesel driven truck mounted compressor packages and pumpskids to acoustic enclosed vacuum truck or blower units. Through our Design. Develop. Deliver approach, we take the time to understand exactly what’s important to your business and build solutions that match your exact specification, assisting you at every stage of the process.

Service Capabilities

Gardner Denver Transport provide a complete aftermarket service offering including access to our extensive network of service centres and engineers for all of our customer solutions, hydraulic oil tanks for trucks and on board power systems. “We keep you moving” is more than just a strap line, it’s our promise. If you break down, we’ll get you into one of our dedicated local service centres and back on the road as soon as possible. To find out more about Gardner Denver Transport’s aftermarket portfolio, including our service kits, recommended maintenance intervals and localised support network, view our aftermarket capabilities homepage.


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DLG driveline on board power systems


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