Gardner Denver has been working with train operators for many years. The business is focused on designing, developing and delivering rail compressor packages that are not only highly reliable but also built to last.

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The rail sector poses unique challenges, not least when specifying an air compressor package. Solutions need to be highly reliable but also able to withstand harsh ambient conditions found when travelling over long distances. Gardner Denver’s rail offering is founded on a ‘design, develop and deliver’ approach to ensure these demands are met and the final package is best matched to its chosen application.

We are able to accommodate the higher air demands seen in the rail sector while also keeping compressor size and weight to a minimum. This is done through careful planning and use of the best available materials. Our experts will assess a customer’s requirements at the earliest stage and create a package that easily integrates into a locomotive.

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Our technology is robust and requires very little ongoing maintenance. Unlike reciprocating and screw designs, rotary vane compressors have few moving parts and no gears, belts or pulleys. Instead, air is generated by a single rotating part. This minimises the chances of unexpected downtime and extends the product’s working life – a key benefit when trains are running to a tight schedule and expected to be functional for up to two decades and sometimes longer.

Gardner Denver is able to adapt the changing requirements found in rail and is committed to offering effective compressors for use in the sector. For more information on the company’s rail offering, see below.

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