Our range of dry and liquid bulk transport compressors and blowers are tailor made specifically for the challenges of the chemical transportation industry. Our air equipment is designed to discharge your material at optimal rates to reduce your discharge times and can be configured to operate efficiently with any dry chemical or bulk liquid transport product.

For optimal performance of a huge range of chemical transport and discharge applications, from powders such as sulphur or sodium, to liquid chemicals such as bitumen, resins or acids, trust Gardner Denver.

compressors for chemical bulk transport

We offer a wide scope of performance which can be specifically suited to your application logistics and requirements. We are also manufacturers of a whole host of ancillary options and features so you can be certain that we will have the product to suit your bulk chemicals and liquid transportation needs.

Varied Flow Performance

Flexible Drive Options

Oil Free Operation

Bespoke Packages


Chemical Dry Bulk Compressors & Blowers

Gardner Denver’s specialist blowers and compressors offer a wide range of air flow performance, making them ideally suited to any number of dry powder transport and chemical applications. Our units can discharge anything from fine powders to heavier, larger particle chemical products used in a plethora of professional industries and processes in Europe and around the globe.

The XK Series, Bulkline 650 & 1000, or TR20 can be harnessed and customised to select the optimal air flow for your bulk chemical application at the desired operating pressure to achieve a fast and effective discharge time without damaging any product during the unloading process. This ensures the safety and quality of your product throughout transportation, delivering amazing results for customers and their business.

dry bulk chemical compressor system

For higher air flow requirements when a high density or pelletised chemical is involved, our existing equipment offering is complimented by the T5 Cycloblower – ideal when a lower operating pressure and higher air flow is desired.




Chemical Liquid Bulk Compressors & Blowers

Our market leading portfolio of liquid bulk compressors, backed by years of experience, are a match for any liquid chemical, providing fast discharge times and delivering product with no contact within the compressor. This ensures your products are delivered quickly and without contamination.

The GD series of truck mounted compressors are hugely efficient, reliable, low maintenance, and are available in a number of customised drive solutions and system installations. The SC200 oil free screw compressor provides powerful air flow with clean air and can be installed in a variety of positions on your vehicle.

All of our dry and liquid bulk compressors are available in various drive configurations such as direct PTO drive, hydraulic drive, electric motor or belt drive. All of these machines provide oil free discharge air, meaning there is no risk of contamination or damage to delivered product, providing the ultimate transport solution. This, in turn, upholds the reputation of your business and provides the reliability customers require to deliver dry and liquid bulk products in the chemical industry. We guarantee clean, efficient, safe, and tailored results, on time, every time.

liquid bulk chemical transport compressor systems