For the unloading of dry bulk "bag-in-box" and dedicated atmospheric bulk containers, Gardner Denver has developed a universal trailer mounted rotary valve system. You can either select a complete self-contained unit, which includes a separate diesel engine, or electric drive, or a system driven through the vehicle engine.

Gardner Denver Transport have utilised their years of experience and extensive dry bulk industry and application knowledge to develop their trailer mounted rotary valve systems. The combination of a robust rotary valve with one of our efficient blowers and compressors ensures a reliable and cost effective system to offload your dry bulk products safely and in the shortest time.

rotary valve systems for bulk containers

High Discharge Speed


Smooth & Safe Handling

Low Cost Maintenance


Using air to convey dry bulk product from your tank-trucks is the most economic and efficient method of transporting materials including food, powders, granular products, animal feed and pellets, chemical and pharmaceutical products, and more. Our blowers and compressors are designed to offer maximum flexibility for your fleet, so whatever matters most to you; higher discharge speeds, reliability, smooth product handling, or low maintenance costs, our rotary valve systems will have the ideal solution for you.

We also offer a range of electrically driven mobile units for use on site including all necessary adaptors for dedicated atmospheric bulk containers.

rotary valve trailer systems