What is a Rotary Piston Pump?

Rotary piston pumps are an ideal vacuum solution in a variety of applications because of their flexible operating range. Piston pumps are a suitable choice for a broad pressure range and provide high volumetric efficiency. NASH NT Series is designed with exceptional balancing techniques that reduce the magnitude of pump movement and reduce the dynamic forces transmitted through the mounting pads. With low vibration characteristics, the installation costs of rotary piston pumps are lower than conventional pumps. 
NASH Rotary Piston Pump

NASH NT-Series | Rotary Piston Pumps & Systems

NASH’s NT series rotary piston pumps range in nominal capacity from 150 to 778 acfm. These pumps are capable of achieving vacuum levels down to 0.01 Torr and can operate continuously up to 100 Torr. The NT models include a cutting-edge triplex piston design that provides quiet and vibration-free operation. 

In addition, a standard internal positive pressure lubrication system ensures highly reliable lubrication at all inlet pressure levels. Supplied by a gear pump, the oil is directed through porting in the shaft and routed to each triplex piston. As the oil is pressurized, it prevents contact between the pistons and their respective eccentric cams, which significantly reduces operational wear. 

Whatever the inlet pressure, our rotary piston pumps operate efficiently with ultimate pressure of .01 Torr. The NT series minimizes water consumption, as the sealing fluid used is recirculated oil instead of once-through water sealed design used in our liquid ring vacuum pumps. 

Features and Performance

Rotary piston pumps have a long-standing reputation for durability and efficiency. With options for fixed and variable displacement, piston pumps are a flexible solution across multiple industries. NASH’s rotary piston pump series are characterized by a wide range of features that make them stand out in a constantly developing market.

All Nash piston pumps are manufactured in the USA and available for quick shipment options. 


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NASH Rotary Piston Pump Performance Curve
Unique Triplex Piston Design

Triplex piston design produces the most balanced piston pump in the world, allowing operation at higher speeds, and getting more flow out of a smaller footprint. 

Minimal Vibration and Low Noise

The NT-Series by Nash is essentially vibration free and offers the lowers noise levels in the industry.

Adjustable Gas Ballast

The NT-Series includes an adjustable gas ballast which enables handling condensable vapors and reducing any potential condensation in the sealing oil. 

NASH Rotary Piston Pump Performance Curve

High-Quality Motor & Lubrication Systems

The motor inside of a rotary piston pump is sized adequately for continuous operation at all inlet pressures without overcurrent issues. Positive pressure, pumped lubrication system is included with all Nash rotary piston pumps. 

Durable Slide Pins & Seals

The four-sided slide pins inside of the NT-Series rotary piston pumps are unitized to ensure the pump will not wear prematurely. Nash utilizes slinger, mechanical, or lip seals. 

Ease of Installation & Maintenance 

Bolting and grouting are not required, a Nash rotary piston pump can rest on any floor that will support its weight. They are purposefully designed with a smaller footprint for application flexibility. 

Rotary piston pumps are a flexible solution that can be customized for specific applications. The data shown is reflective of the Nash NT Series or rotary piston systems. To discuss specific applications or specifications, contact Nash

Rotary piston pumps are a time-tested technology, providing unparalleled durability for demanding industrial applications. 


NASH Rotary Vane Piston Pumps

Common Applications

Bottle Filling

Bottle Filling

Nash Vacuum for Chucking


Vacuum Solutions for Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion

Vacuum Solutions for Wood Treatment


Vacuum for Steel Degassing

Degassing of Steel