Equipment Upgrades

Improving Reliability, Performance & Efficiency

Our products are already the best, and thanks to ongoing investments in R&D we're constantly making them better. We are committed to offering innovative products and upgrades that continue to improve the reliability and efficiency of your process. 

This commitment ensures that you are always receiving the latest upgrades to equipment technology and energy savings for optimum performance and efficiency. Our patented product upgrades are only available from Nash and are backed by the NASH Certified™ factory warranty.


Reduce shaft leakage and avoid unplanned downtime with the NASH EnduraSeal.

  • Reduces shaft leakage found with traditional packing.
  • Reduces water migration to the bearing housing
  • Reduces environmental & housekeeping issues associated with shaft leakage
  • Lower cost than mechanical seals
  • Proprietary sleeve provides supplemental running time if the primary bearing fails
  • No grease required

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NASH 2BE Inlet Manifold

This manifold swap out provided increase testing ability and service access, improving maintenance planning with minimal downtime.

  • Available for the single stage 2BE3 pump
  • 60-1050 HP
  • Capacities to 19,000 ACFM
  • Manifold swap out program for minimal downtime
  • No need to remove manifold for testing, reducing test prep time and cost
  • Increased performance test efficiency
  • Improved maintenance planning
  • Extra location for optional accessories

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Upgrade your Classic CL Pump for improved performance, water savings and reduced cost without changes to the process piping.

  • 50% or greater water savings
  • Improved pumping to higher vacuum levels
  • Easy to install - no process piping changes
  • Uses existing base, motor, and drive
  • Potential payback of 12 months or less
  • Readily available inventory

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NASH TC Anti Cavitation Upgrade

Double the useful life of pumps operating in cavitation prone environments with the TC Anti Cavitation Upgrade.

  • Patent pending cavitation reduction design upgrade
  • No impact on capacity or power
  • Same fit as the existing TC - minimal piping changes
  • Increases reliability
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime

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Material Upgrades


A standard feature in our 2BE4 and P2620 pumps is also available for repairs to CL and 904 pumps.

  • Protection against absorbed power consumption
  • Reduced maintenance and repairs
  • Lining is vulcanized to the pump casing for a strong chemical bond
  • Liner is resistant against many acids, alkalis, salt solutions, and erosive particles in the liquid ring
  • If damage does occur the liner is repairable
  • Polyisoprene lining is also available on other pump components including the end shields

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