Flare Gas Recovery Systems
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Flare Gas Recovery Systems

Engineered-to-Order & Packaged Solutions

NASH & GARO Flare Gas Recovery Systems deliver safe, reliable solutions for recovering fuel gas and condensing valuable hydrocarbons. Engineered around durable NASH & GARO liquid ring compressors, our flare gas recovery systems are designed to meet your specifications.

Safe & Simplified Solutions 
Our reliable liquid ring technology runs cool, and with a variety of seal liquid options available our compressors clean the gas as it is condensed - eliminating the need for downstream after condensers and scrubbers. The result is a simpler, more reliable system. 

Proven Performance
The NASH & GARO global sales, engineering, and support team knows what it takes to keep your refinery processes running smoothly. Backed by decades of industry experience and a rich history or reliable installations our flare gas recovery systems improve refinery profitability while complying with government and environmental regulations.

Innovative Solutions 
GARO patented WAIS Technology scrubs H2S from the gas as it condenses, eliminating or reducing the need for downstream after condensers and scrubbers. Learn more about our GARO line of liquid ring compressors and systems at  GDGaro.com.