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Liquid Transfer Pump
Pegasus Vane Pump

The Pegasus 75 is an all purpose pump. It has excellent suction capability and is suitable for low and high viscosity liquids. Modular design allows maximum flexibility. Combining pumping elements makes it compatible for most Chemical products. Flowrate up to 60m3/h


Standard and Turbo models

Established, well proven design

Maintains high efficiency

Numerous seal arrangements available


Materials of construction

The pump housing and shaft can be manufactured from a wide range of materials like cast iron, stainless steel, hastelloy etc. Monel or other exotic materials that can resist specific chemicals


The pump can handle up to 60m3/h of flowrate depending on pressure and viscosity. For greater capacity, see Mustang 75 / 100.

Model Types

Standard Model – Mechanical seal or lipseal and adjustable pressure relief valve. Turbo Model – as standard but additional feature of varying vacuum capabilities dependent upon design and various Pressure Relief Valve options. Special orders will be made to suit your requirements.