Mobile Tyre & Service Vans – Alternators & Air Compressors for Commercial Vans

Gardner Denver offers a selection of on board power compressor and alternator systems that are suitable for mobile tyre and commercial vans. Located under the van floor or in the vehicle chassis, they use the vehicles gearbox and engine to provide motive power. Our on board power compressors are lightweight and keep the load area and tow hitch free for other purposes, making your vehicle more versatile.

commercial van on board power compressor and alternator

We also provide specialised truck mounted compressor systems for use in the truck and plant tyre repair industry. These systems are designed with the larger vehicles typically used in this industry in mind, and are built specifically to your requirements, available in a wide variety of configurations.

Our on board power systems are designed to fit rear wheel drive vans and chassis cabs ranging from 3.5 to 7.2 tonne vehicles like those used for tyre fitting and service vans. For vehicles over 7.2 tonne, we offer PTO air compressor, alternator and hydraulic systems in various configurations which are more suited to more heavy duty applications, such as truck and plant tyre repairs.