Milk Collection Systems – OptiLoad & Pump Plus


In the dairy industry, milk collection systems are integral for enhanced efficiency. The fastest procurement, best cleaning, and highest visibility of the state of the fleet, allows costs to be minimised and the utilisation of large fleets to be much more flexible and efficient.

For bulk dairy farming, Gardner Denver has developed milk handling and processing equipment that provides high quality results for those in the milk production and dairy plant industry. The OptiLoad system, engineered specifically with the OEM and operator in mind, provides a total milk collection solution. This fully integrated system has been the market leader for over a decade in its country of origin, the United Kingdom, combining efficient collection with our leading data capture and telematics milk collection software system for use with atmospheric tankers.

milk collection electronic system

The OptiLoad milk collection system provides full tanker functionality without compromise by the use of a secondary priming and line clearance. OptiLoad systems are an essential piece of dairy equipment for all farmers and transportation staff. They are easy to install, operate, integrate, and maintain; combining the existing vehicle engine on board electronics with our ‘Fuel Save’ technology to provide the most economical vehicle engine powered bulk farm collection tanker available.


Single Pump System

The OptiLoad system utilises the STP milk pump which provides excellent and reliable priming and line clearing without the requirement for a secondary priming system or pump. Our single pump solution is far less complex than a centrifugal multi-pump and offers more reliable performance whilst also keeping maintenance downtime to a minimum.

Simple to Use

OptiLoad is designed to be easy to navigate with intuitive operator sequences to navigate the system menus without the need for extensive training. The GPS location initialisation of the OptiLoad system also features automatic milk collection software. It offers automatic recognition of when a driver has arrived at a specific location and activates the milk collection system for that customer. This automated feature is a great help for operators as it reduces workload and potential human error, allowing your team (and business) to focus on the tasks that matter to you.

Compliant Data Transfer

OptiLoad is engineered to fit within your existing data infrastructure. Our system features either a ‘live’ collection of files or full shift file transfers at the end of the operation, giving you the flexibility to adapt ways of working to suit your needs. This ensures that OptiLoad is suitable for any back office requirements that our customers may have.

milk collection systems optiload

Fuel Save Technology

The traditional milk collection system involves drivers leaving their engines running whilst not in use, both at the start and end of operation. This inefficiency can waste a significant amount of fuel when taking into account the amount of individual operations carried out each week. Our Fuel Save technology allows for the OptiLoad system to run the engine only when the pump is required to be in operation. This fuel efficient process ensures that engine idle time is decreased, minimising your whole life vehicle costs, and contributes to a reduced carbon footprint for your company.



Service & Backup

Gardner Denver Transport provide a complete aftermarket service including access to our extensive network of service centres and engineers. “We keep you moving” is more than just a strap line, it’s our promise. If you break down, we’ll get you into one of our dedicated local service centres and back on the road as soon as possible.

Ease of Installation

Single Pump System

Fuel Save Technology

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