What are Rotary Lobe Blowers?

Rotary lobe blowers have become essential in various industries for their precise low-pressure air or gas generation. They ensure consistent airflow regardless of pressure changes, making them ideal for applications demanding reliability like pneumatic conveying and wastewater treatment. Their energy efficiency and durability further distinguish them, offering long-term cost savings and reliable performance in demanding environments.

Helix Screw Blower CycloBlower VHX

How do rotary lobe blowers work?

Within the blower, two precisely engineered rotors engage in synchronized motion, spinning in opposite directions. This synchronized rotation creates a suction force, drawing air into the blower.

As the air enters, specialized lobes on the rotors guide it through a controlled path within the blower. This process compresses the air, increasing its pressure. Once the air is compressed, the blower expels it with significant force. This high-pressure airflow is utilized for various industrial applications, such as aeration and material handling.

What distinguishes rotary lobe blowers is their ability to achieve a high airflow rate at relatively low-pressure levels. This characteristic makes them well-suited for applications requiring consistent and moderate airflow, like pneumatic conveying. Rotary lobe blowers are engineered for durability and reliability, with minimal moving parts and robust construction, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in challenging environments.


Advantages of rotary lobe blower technology

When it comes to rotary lobe industrial blowers, choosing the right technology can make a big difference in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Rotary lobe blowers offer significant advantages, making them a great choice for many businesses.

  • Affordable Investment with long-term benefits
  • Built to last in tough conditions
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Energy efficient

Different types of Rotary Lobe Blowers

There are three distinct types of rotary lobe blowers; each one of them designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. Our team of Gardner Denver experts is here to help you find the right blower for your specific requirements.

Contact us today to learn how rotary lobe blower technology can benefit your industrial process or wastewater application.


Straight Bi-Lobe Technology

The Straight Bi-Lobe products demonstrate exceptional versatility and durability, making them well-suited for a broad industrial application. This series provides high quality and reliability, while also offering ease of maintenance.

Sutorbilt Legend Blowers

  • High strength steel drive shaft extended for V-belt or direct connection
  • High-temperature Viton oil seals
  • Available in 20 sizes
  • Universal feet

Sutorbilt Legend DSL Blowers & Gas Pumps

  •  High-temperature Viton oil seals
  • Refined timing and locking device
  • Integral ribs 
  • Dual splash lubrication

Sutorbilt 4500 Series Blowers

  • Dutile iron bi-lobe impellers
  • Precise timing gears
  • Produced from high strength materials 
  • Advanced case design

Sutorbilt 8000 Series Blowers

  • Dynamically balanced impellers constructed of high-density ductile iron
  • Splash lubrication standard
  • One-piece steel shafts constructed of chrome alloy
  • Has several options for add-ons

DuroFlow Series Blowers

  • Advanced heavy-duty design
  • Oil-free air delivery
  • Dual Splash Lubrication (DSL)


Straight Tri-Lobe Technology

The Straight Tri-Lobe uses straight rotors to ensure tow noise while maintaining high quality. These products seamlessly integrate into diverse applications, optimizing productivity and operational efficiency for businesses spanning multiple industries.

RBS Series Blowers 

  • Piston ring and shaft lip seals
  • Flexible installation
  • Dual splash lubrication
  • Several Add-on Options 

Triflow Series Blower

  • Internal feedback porting arrangement
  • High strength timing gears
  • Flexible installation

GD-DV Blowers

  • Gases and vapors can be handled
  • Maximum vacuum 93% – 28″ Hg on a deadhead
  • Injection air-cooled exhauster


Twisted Tri Lobe Technology

Twisted tri lobe technology innovation is meticulously designed to reduce pulsation and noise, guaranteeing a quieter and more efficient operation compared to straight-lobe alternatives. With extended bearing life and increased shaft diameters, our blowers offer robust performance, resulting in cost savings while upholding whisper-quiet operation.

Heliflow Series Blowers

  • Solid helical tri-lobe rotors
  • Dual splash lubrication 
  • Unique triangular tuned ports  


Blower Packages

Our Gardner Denver packages are designed to simplify maintenance features, ensuring high efficiency and maximum capacities while minimizing energy usage.

IQ-RB Blower Packages

  • Compact design
  • Patented tunable inlet filter/silencer
  • Unique noise enclosure design
  • Fixed speed packages
  • Mechanical Gauges

IQ Blower Packages

  • Intelligent monitoring solutions
  • Remote monitoring
  • Removable Discharge Silencer
  • Vacuum/Pressure Connections
  • Simple Connections

IQ-HE Blower Packages

  • Up to 36psi
  • Compact design with reduced dimensions
  • High and low-pressure options
  • Fixed speed packages
  • Patented tunable inlet filter/silencer 


Gardner Denver Blowers

At Gardner Denver, we offer a wide range of blower products in various configurations.

Visit our Product Page to discover our full range of products and learn more about how our blower technologies and designs can best suit your application needs.