Optimum performance & efficiency

Installed to reduce or remove contaminants from compressed air, water separators and filters are essential to the health and performance of a compressed air network. The primary function of any filter is to improve air quality, although modern demands mean this performance should not be at the expense of energy. Using high quality compressed air ensures long and trouble-free service and guarantees optimum performance.


High efficiency compressed air filtration & water separation

The reliability of compressed air filtration is paramount to the ongoing fight against problems caused through contamination entering the air system. Contamination in the form of dirt, oil and water can lead to:

  • Pipescale and corrosion within pressure vessels
  • Damage to production equipment, air motors, air tools, valves and cylinders
  • Premature and unplanned desiccant replacement for adsorption dryers
  • Spoiled product
  • The Gardner Denver filtration range offers various products and grades of filtration to provide peace of mind whatever the air quality requirement. It has been designed with focus on reliability and efficiency

The standard for high-quality air

The Gardner Denver filter range provides clean, high-quality air as defined by ISO 8573.1:2010 and are certified by a third party under ISO 12500-1.

Low differential pressure = Low energy consumption

When designing a compressed air system it is common practice to avoid unnecessary changes in pipe size and air flow direction. Each of these can have significant and adverse effects on the amount of differential pressure created leading to increased energy required by the compressor in order to provide the correct air pressure at its point of use. Gardner Denver filters employ several design features which ensure that this best practice philosophy is carried on through our filter and water separator housings to maximise energy savings caused by differential pressure.

GDF Series & GDWS Range Condensate Separators

  • For the removal of bulk condensed water and liquid oil
  • Used to protect coalescing filters from bulk liquid contamination
  • High liquid removal efficiencies at all flow conditions
  • Tested in accordance with ISO8573-9

“Technically Oil Free Air” from Oil Lubricated & Oil Free Compressors

  • Air Quality Guarantee
    GDFT is matched to all inlet parameters maintaining effective operation for 12 months. Correct sizing ensures seasonal variations in temperature do not affect delivered air quality
  • Suitable for use with oil lubricated and oil free compressors
    GDFT provides “Technically Oil Free Air” when used in conjunction with water separators and coalescing filters
  • ISO8573-1 Class 1 for total oil delivered air quality
    Tested in accordance with ISO8573-5 and 3rd party performance validated by a third party