Lab Testing Equipment for Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, and Prevention

Products and solutions for manufacturers of lab and testing equipment, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies

Products and solutions for manufacturers of lab and testing equipment, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies

Gardner Denver’s mission is to help our clients to save the lives of people around the world. To support the global fight against the pandemic, we provide mission-critical components, products and solutions for lab testing, analytical and diagnostic equipment. We are the trusted partner for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and OEM.

Solutions for Test-Kits

We provide an extensive spectrum of solutions that supports collecting and processing of test kits, such as COVID-19 test kit, plasmid prep kit, or DNA sample prep.

At the forefront of testing, we support medical and lab workers, with high-precision liquid handling products. A flagship one is the world best-selling semi-disposable mini pipettes, which are the ideal solution for liquid handling solutions in test kits.

Once the test samples are collected and in the lab, we step in. Zinsser Analytics and TriContinent provides an ample range of lab solutions and lab consumables to process the in vitro diagnostics efficiently and quickly.

To optimize application and storage of proper reagents laboratories equip their workers with high-durable Qualydrops® Dropper Bottles from Zinsser Analytic. They consist of LDPE and are very popular because of their equal drop size and tightness due to a specially designed bottle neck.

Apart from them, we provide Polyvials® sample containers that reduce the danger of errors in the laboratory and leakage during transport. These plastic sample containers are absolutely light tight, made from natural or black pigmented HDPE and come with a pallet of various volumes from 4 ml to 250 ml and color-coded caps.

Once the prep kits samples are placed in the filtration manifolds, a heavy-duty and efficient vacuum source is required to generate the desired atmosphere. Welch provide both a standalone diaphragm vacuum pump as well as an OEM pump that’s a market-proven solution.

Welch provides a range of vacuum sources for rotary evaporators and Schlenk Lines that are used in such RNA fluorescence tech development. Our fast-track delivery and high quality vacuum pumps support the manufacturers of fluorescent dyes used in test kits for RNA imaging.

Solutions for Diagnostic Instruments, Lab Automation and Drug Research

Diagnostics and prevention goes in pair into the spotlight of fighting against the spread of the COVID-19 and other diseases. Performing necessary tests as well as finding a vaccine go hand to hand with necessary analytical and laboratory equipment.


That’s why pharmaceutical companies turn to us for liquid handling robots, syringe pumps, lab automation solutions, or other lab equipment. We are your partner in a complementary portfolio of lab testing equipment, able to meet your strictest requirements.


Gardner Denver is your trusted one-stop-shop for solutions that starts from the collection and processing of the tests, through the extensive drug research, DNA sequencing up to clinical trials and ending on the pharmaceutical manufacturing. We are here to provide a perfectly matched solution for your needs.




Zinsser Analytic


Compressors and Vacuum Pumps for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In this critical time, we are working with the pharmaceutical sector to ensure their compressed air and vacuum needs are met with the provision of state-of-art clean and reliable compressors and vacuum pumps. Our products cater for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications, adhering to all industry standards and are known globally for their superior quality and reliability.


Designed and developed with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to ensure we provide compressed air and vacuum solutions that meet their requirements for process control, efficiency and productivity.

Pharmaceutical Compressors

CompAir’s PureAir compressors provide the highest standard of compressed air for pharmaceutical applications. CompAir offer the widest range of oil-free compressors and accessories to suit all specifications and air demands.

The Ultima compressors are 100% oil and silicone-free and meet ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010), making them the ideal choice for stringent oil-free applications within the pharmaceutical sector. They’re a crucial element for providing process air used in direct contact with products for cleaning, aeration and product moving, convey belts and flow systems in pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing.


Ultima compressors are the most energy efficient oil-free compressors in the market today. These unique variable speed compressors are available as air and water cooled versions and are fully upgradable from 75 to 160 kW. The compact design requires 37% less floor space than traditional technologies in this class.



Pharmaceutical Vacuum Pumps

Elmo Rietschle provides industry leading vacuum pumps and blowers for a range of low pressure and vacuum applications including vacuum and pneumatic conveying. They also supply a range of vacuum solutions, both central vacuum systems and point of use pumps for pharmaceutical packaging machines.

Elmo Rietschle’s range of oil lubricated and dry running vacuum pumps ensure the manufacturing atmosphere is aseptic and contamination-free. Vacuum pumps for packaging enable evacuation of the air, keeping the packaged goods contamination free and hygiene at the highest level.


Elmo Rietschle’s side-channel blowers are also recognizable by their low-noise and low-maintenance design. They are equipped with mechanical pressure, and volume flow for smart and flexible control for greater efficiency and process optimization.