Truck Coolers, Hydraulics and Filters

Ancillary Vehicle Options

The Gardner Denver Transport range of truck mounted compressors, blowers, pumps and systems are complimented by our wide range of application-focused ancillary products for mobile, industrial transport solutions. Our equipment captures the latest technology and can be utilised to complete and enhance your installation.

We offer a wide range of ancillaries including remote air truck coolers, filters for both inlet and outlet air along with silencers, relief valves, and other safety devices; all of which can be included on any installation to fully equip your vehicle for all types of operation and product delivery.

mounted truck cooler gardner denver

Bespoke Solutions

Clean & Cooler Air

Installation Flexibility

Remote Air Coolers

The Gardner Denver Transport remote air truck cooler has been specifically designed for use with truck and van mounted blowers and compressors where lower discharge air temperatures are required for heat sensitive fresh food products such as sugar and chocolate powder, or for plastics and acrylic fibres.

The remote air truck cooler assembly consists of a 24v truck cooling fan, cooling duct, and radiator with the choice of four inlet and outlet connection points which offer installation flexibility whilst minimising air pressure drop. The small design and compact size of the unit also allows installation in the narrowest of places, making it a super space saving design suitable for all types of trucks / vans or chassis configurations.

mounted truck cooler gardner denver

Inlet Filters

Our range of ancillaries includes a selection of inlet filters bespoke to the flow requirements of our truck mounted compressors and blowers. The various types and models compliment any GD truck mounted compressor or blower installation, providing high levels of filtered air with up to 99.95% efficiency whilst also being available in a variety of assemblies and designs, suitable for installation on any trucks or standard static installation.

Discharge Filters

Gardner Denver offers a selection of high quality micronic in-line discharge filters which can be utilised to reduce the number of particles in the discharge air from our truck mounted compressors and blowers where the highest levels of air quality are required in product sensitive environments and applications. These filters can be installed in the discharge line on all types of truck mounted installations.

Suction Filters

Our range of suction filters are available for installation alongside Wittig waste vacuum pumps to provide clean air into the vacuum pump ensuring long and reliable use over long periods of time. This range of suction filters are available in various sizes to suit different waste vacuum pumps with varying air flow performance along with a selection of air filter element types and specifications to suit your application and installation.

Truck Hydraulics

Among our ancillary products are a series of hydraulic oil coolers along with various hydraulic drive systems including motors, pumps and hydraulic connection kits.

Our Hydrapak hydraulic oil coolers reduce the installation space required when compared to a traditional oil tank leading to greater space saving, reducing the overall weight of your vehicle, increasing the payload opportunity and providing an overall cost reduction.

hk3 oil cooler for truck hydraulics

Discharge Accessories

Truck mounted compressors, blowers and pumps manufactured and supplied by Gardner Denver Transport are available with a wide selection of accessories for the discharge line between our products and the tanker. These include noise reducing absorptive or reactive silencers and pressure relief safety valves available in various sizes and pressures. Also available are non-return valves which ensure compressed or blown air from the truck mounted compressor/blower will be prevented from returning to the machine.

All of our ancillary products will enhance and complete your installation, providing the perfect solution to all automotive needs. Our product support you, ensuring your truck mounted compressor or blower is suitable for any application, in any industry.

Service Capabilities

Gardner Denver Transport provide a complete aftermarket service offering including access to our extensive network of service centres and engineers for all of our truck coolers, hydraulics and other ancillaries. “We keep you moving” is more than just a strap line, it’s our promise. If you break down, we’ll get you into one of our dedicated local service centres and back on the road as soon as possible. To find out more about Gardner Denver Transport’s aftermarket portfolio, including our service kits, recommended maintenance intervals and localised support network, view our aftermarket capabilities homepage.


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