Gardner Denver Releases the CycloBlower H.E. 250CDL750 Model

Gardner Denver has announced the expansion of the CycloBlower H.E. Series product line to include the new 250CDL750 model. The 250CDL750A adds to this exciting new product line delivering a game changing design that includes a patented 3x5 helical screw rotor profile establishing new levels of performance and efficiencies. The 250CDL750 model can produce flow ranges up to 6,200 CFM, pressures up to 36 PSI, and vacuum up to 22” Hg and is available with both dual splash lubrication and force feed lubrication. Force feed lubrication is required for pressures above 20 PSI and vacuum beyond 18” Hg.

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Helical Screw Blower CycloBlower H.E. Series 3x5