Gardner Denver’s Robuschi brand ROBOX Compressor Showcased at Hannover Fair – ComVac 2017

The ROBOX screw is the innovative high-yield, oil-free compressor unit, available with high pressure, low pressure and vacuum configurations, which combine the proven simplicity and reliability of ROBOX blower units with innovative components and design. The ROBOX screw Hi Pressure unit reaches a pressure of 2,500 mbar (g) and a capacity of 8,800 m3/h. The ROBOX screw Low Pressure unit reaches a pressure of 1,000 mbar (g) and a capacity of 10,250 m3/h. The ROBOX screw Vacuum unit reaches a maximum vacuum of 300 mbar(a) and capacities of 8,700 m3/h.

The system is highly efficient thanks to its unique RSW patented rotors, which reduce the number of revolutions and improve the capacity-pressure ratio, and it is silent as a result of high-efficiency internal compression, special silencers and a noise-reducing enclosure. Plus the unit is simple to install and has a clear layout, it's flexible for the best efficiency and even more environmentally friendly thanks to its oil-free operation (Certification Class 0, in accordance with ISO 8573-1); the sturdy, streamlined construction makes maintenance easy and the unit is customisable with a wide range of available options. So the ROBOX SCREW is the perfect solution for a broad range of environmental and industrial applications.

2017 04 robox machinepic
2017 04 robox schemata

The ROBOX screw Hi pressure 65/2P, suitable for heavy-duty operations, high temperatures and featuring an innovative HMI control panel, will go on show at Hannover Messe. The panel is an advanced, hi-tech touch screen (HMI), which can monitor the operation of the entire unit, with remote connection possible via Ethernet cable or the web. This makes it possible to continuously monitor machine operation from anywhere. Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance additionally help reduce downtime. The device is user friendly with an intuitive menu, easy to programme thanks to the Windows CE platform and can be remotely connected.

The following commands can be displayed on the innovative HMI control panel: machine status, where you can start and stop the unit and configure main settings; pressures and speeds, showing the pressures and motor speeds; temperature, showing the unit temperatures (T1, T2, T3, T4); alarms, with the alarms log. This function also includes: the event text, with the alarm name; the event time, with the date and time of the alarm the description, where a short description of the alarm can be entered, to make alarm recognition more intuitive. Plus there is a trend function, which displays pressure, temperature and speed trends. Local start and stop commands can be managed from the HMI or from the two buttons on the machine, if in remote status. In the settings and utilities section, you just need to press the red “Help” button, indicated by the arrow, to go to the help page, with machine manuals and the wiring diagram. Everything is at hand and easy to access.

The new HMI panel definitely has the edge over competitors, when it comes to service as well. In fact you won't have to remember the next service or maintenance times: everything is clearly and immediately displayed on your control system. Plus your ROBOX screw unit will always deliver the best performance with the lowest energy consumption, thanks to the precision-adjustment of operating parameters based on process needs using Smart Process Control. Smart Process Control analyses and applies data received directly from the process and regulates operating parameters with no interruptions. Plus you can precisely schedule maintenance, based on actual needs, and considerably reduce unit downtimes and consequently increase the life of the compressor unit, saving on energy bills and investments.