Gardner Denver partners with ECOCHAMPS project to deliver next generation Transit Compressors

Gardner Denver partners ECOCHAMPS project to deliver next generation Transit Compressors

The €28.5 million ECOCHAMPS project is the work of 26 partners drawn from six European countries. 

Majority funded by the European Commission with over €21 million, the project, which will conclude in May 2018, aims to make hybrid vehicles more attractive to buyers by developing ways to improve their performance and lower prices - increasing Europe's competitiveness in the market.

One of the key barriers to their uptake is the lifetime of components such as electric drive systems, power electronics and battery systems coupled with higher purchase prices.

For this reason, the project includes the standardisation of components and the development of modular packages, testing these improvements in real driving conditions through five demonstrator models covering a range of vehicle categories.


As one of the partners working on ECOCHAMPS, Gardner Denver is proud to be developing state-of-the-art transit compressor technology – and its deployment in today’s HEVs and FEVs.
Read our whitepaper to learn more about the EcoChamps project and how we are working to develop the next generation of transit compressors that can meet the challenges posed by the latest hybrid and fully-electric vehicle technologies.

Read our whitepaper

Read our whitepaper