Waste Vacuum Pumps – Collection & Discharge

Gardner Denver Transport’s waste vacuum pumps are manufactured for the high flow loading and discharge of all manner of liquid waste products. Their advanced design provides leak free operation and increased reliability, coupled with unmatched longevity. Our waste vacuum pumps are suitable for the following waste applications:

collection and jetting waste vacuum pumps

Jetting / Vacuum Combination Units

Clearing blockages and removing debris.

Vacuum Collection

Removing waste liquids (sludge, sewage, solids, mud, slurries, etc) from various locations.

High Flow & Deep Vacuum Performance

Outstanding efficiency and reduced operating times.

Collection of Hazardous & Sensitive Products

Suitable for use with ADR products and chemicals.


Our pumps are designed with versatility and flexibility at their core. Waste collection and discharge can be a challenging application, and in difficult operating conditions, our customers require equipment that is adaptable to their changing day to day operations. All of our waste vacuum pumps are available with reverse flow valves, enabling our partners to use the pumps for both pressure discharge and vacuum suction.

The Gardner Denver Transport range of waste vacuum pumps are all available in various configurations and are suitable for a variety of drive or installation options, including hydraulic, belt, direct drive, and the option to drive with an auxiliary motor. This versatility ensures that our installation times are kept to a minimum with a great degree of flexibility.

We offer five different ranges of waste pumps, this ensures our products are suited for every waste discharge and collection application. With performance across the range to suit your requirements, our pumps are ideally suited for the handling and collection of waste liquid by road vacuum truck.

waste vacuum pumps for hazardous materials

As part of our air cooled, oil lubricated range of waste vacuum pumps, we offer the SLS-54 and the RFL102. The WITTIG SLS-54 ensures complete technological flexibility with its compact shape, making it the ideal pump for a broad range of installations. It is also applicable for use in the discharge of vacuum tanks in co-ordination with larger pumps to decrease unloading times resulting in improved efficiency.

The WITTIG RFL102 pump is designed specifically for waste liquid discharge from vacuum and combined jetting/vacuum trucks. Highly efficient, the RFL102 provides maximum flow rates at greater vacuum levels to shorten loading times and reduce operating costs.

Our WITTIG RFW pumps offer a water cooled alternative to our product range. We provide three models in the RFW range with air flow performance bands designed to suit your waste vacuum pump needs. Our portfolio also includes a range of ancillaries which provide a complete system installation, alongside multiple drive options.

waste vacuum pumps for sensitive products

For higher flow requirements we offer our liquid ring Aqualine waste vacuum pumps. These high performance and low maintenance pumps are ideally suited to various heavy duty liquid waste applications.

The RB-DV is a range of rotary lobe pumps and blowers applicable for both liquid and dry waste product. Our portfolio includes six models of varying and extremely high air flow, suitable for when high suction volume is preferred over pump size and weight.


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