Animal Feed Blowers & Compressors - Dry Bulk Discharge


We offer an extensive range of animal feed blowers and compressors designed to discharge your bulk feed products (grain, pellets, etc.) at optimum rates in the safest way possible. Our animal feed blowers are built to be contactless and oil free. An air gap between gearbox and air end ensures that absolutely no oil can enter into the compressor’s discharge airflow, meaning your critical farm and animal feed product remains oil and contaminant free.

Dry bulk compressors and animal feed blowers

Using air to discharge animal feed pellets from your tank-trucks is the most efficient and economic method of handling and transporting materials. Our bulk animal feed blowers and compressors are designed to offer maximum flexibility for your fleet, so whatever matters most to you; higher air flow, flexible drive options, bespoke packaged solutions, or low maintenance costs, our bulk feeds range of products will have the ideal solution for you.

Air Flow

Flexible Drive Options

Bespoke  Solutions

Low Cost Maintenance



Our animal feed blowers and compressors are suitable for any number of installation types or operational requests. Between them, the XK, TR20 and Bulkline series of compressors offer a wide range of solutions for all types of animal feed discharge. The XK12 & XK18 compressors offer unrivalled drive flexibility alongside various packaged options to ensure that our offering is the perfect choice for your animal feed delivery requirements.

The TR20 truck mounted compressor is the ideal choice for direct PTO drive on 6x2 tractor units, where available space is at a premium. Our Bulkline compressor series, meanwhile, is the obvious choice for side mounted belt driven installations, whilst also being highly suited to auxiliary driven sources such as an electric or diesel motor.

For higher air flow requirements, such as those demanded by certain pelletised discharge applications, the T5 Cycloblower is the ideal choice for an animal feed blower. Our T5 Cycloblower excels in providing a higher air flow with lower pressure requirements, along with a number of bespoke packages and solutions designed specifically for animal feed applications in the transport industry.

TR20 animal feed blower installation

For the aeration of dry bulk materials in the animal feed market, the Solimar’s Disk Fluidizer is the ultimate choice. Solimar works effectively to provide the aeration, vibration & directional airflow required for rapid unloading of dry bulk powders and granulates from silo trailers and silos.


Animal Feed Blowers & Compressors