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On Board Power Compressors, Alternators & Hydraulics


Gardner Denver offers a wide range of on board power compressor, alternator, and hydraulic systems that are suitable for vans, chassis cabs, and trucks weighing from 3.5 to 32 tonne. Our on board power compressor systems are the most efficient solution to providing compressed air and electrical power for on-site application. Located under the van floor or in the vehicle chassis, they use the vehicles gearbox and engine to provide motive power. Our on board power compressors are lightweight and keep the load area and tow hitch free for other purposes, making your vehicle more versatile.

utility vehicle on board power compressor

Our on board power compressor, alternator, and hydraulic systems are built specifically to your requirements, and are available in a wide variety of configurations. Whether you require more power, space saving for increased carrying capacity, or a package designed to provide your fleet with extra utility, you can be sure that Gardner Denver’s on board power compressors have the right configuration for you.

Our on board power compressor, alternator, and hydraulic systems are fitted within the vehicle chassis or underfloor, freeing up the load area of your van, chassis cab, or truck to better utilise available space. This frees up the tow hitch from having to tow an alternative on board power system, allowing operators to travel with additional safety equipment to site.

The Gardner Denver system is engaged by a dash mounted push button, removing the risk of operator error and potential vehicle damage. Our LED engagement light also doubles up as a blink code fault diagnostic, enabling self-diagnostics, vastly reducing vehicle maintenance downtime.

Operator health and safety is always vital. As the Gardner Denver on board power compressor system is permanently mounted to the vehicle this eliminates lifting or manoeuvring the heavy towed alternative power systems, this also removes the risk of the equipment being stolen or accidentally left on site.

Gardner Denver’s on board power compressor systems are designed bespoke to our customers’ application. Plus, the siting of ancillary equipment is flexible and can be located anywhere in or out of the vehicle to suit operational requirements. This increased flexibility allows our partners the ability to build their vehicle with precisely what their application demands.

on board power compressor system

The DLG on board power system has been designed by Gardner Denver to fit rear wheel drive vans and chassis cabs ranging from 3.5 to 7.2 tonne vehicles like those used for utilities, tyre fitting, fibre blowing, and service vans. For vehicles over 7.2 tonne, we offer PTO air compressor, alternator, and hydraulic systems in various configurations which are more suited to heavier applications, such as highway maintenance, street lighting, barrier rig, and white lining vehicles.

Our On Board Power Compressor, Hydraulic and Alternator Systems

Service Capabilities

Gardner Denver Transport provide a complete aftermarket service offering including access to our extensive network of service centres and engineers for all of our on board power compressor & alternator systems. “We keep you moving” is more than just a strap line, it’s our promise. If you break down, we’ll get you into one of our dedicated local service centres and back on the road as soon as possible. To find out more about Gardner Denver Transport’s aftermarket portfolio, including our service kits, recommended maintenance intervals and localised support network, view our aftermarket capabilities homepage.