Vos Logistics Case Study

Vos Logistics uses Iveco LNG Trucks with Gardner Denver Generator Installations for Air Liquide


Air Liquide is a global leader in the fields of gases and chemistry. With LNG becoming increasingly viable, "over the next seven years, we want to replace half of our trucks with trucks running on LNG" Air Liquide said in a recent statement. Transport logistic company Vos Logistics will be the transport operator on the first two Iveco Stralis NP LNG trucks that will start driving from Eindhoven with trailers loaded with liquid nitrogen.

At present, more than 300 trucks are driving in northwest Europe by order of Air Liquide. A similar number of trailers with which gas is transported is also maintained at the site in Eindhoven, among others. Air Liquide is a new customer for Vos Logistics from Oss, at the time a pioneer in the use of LNG as fuel for trucks. "We started driving for Air Liquide in April 2017. From the outset, we looked at whether we could realize the sustainability ambitions of Air Liquide. In consultation with Iveco and Gardner Denver Transport, we have now succeeded," says Marc van Alphen of Vos Logistics.


Air liquide


Customer: Vos Logistics - Transport logistics company, Air Liquide - World leaders in gases, technology & services for industry and health.

Location: Netherlands

Application: Liquid Gas Transfer Vehicles

Products: Hydrapak, Hydraulic Driven Generator 

Customer Benefit: Gardner Denver Transport delivered a compact and versatile hydraulic driven set up, giving the customer the ability to mount behind the truck cab to ensure maximum size of LNG tanks to benefit the truck's acting radius.


Both Vos Logistics and Air Liquide set goals to achieve more sustainable business operations. "That is why we took the lead at the time with LNG as fuel for our trucks and into our own LNG filling station at our home base in Oss," says Frank Verhoeven, CEO of Vos Logistics. "In Vos Logistics we have found a partner who thinks along with us and helps us achieve our goal of achieving a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions in our logistics operation," said Diederick Luijten, Vice President Industrial Merchant North West Europe of Air Liquide.


Minus 196oC

The new Iveco's are used 24/7 for the transport of nitrogen, a gas that has many industrial applications and for which Air Liquide has customers in various sectors of business. The gas is transported at a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius. The Iveco trucks are equipped with loading and unloading technology from Gardner Denver Transport Solutions in order to be able to release the gas that is present as liquid in the trailer autonomously, quickly and safely. To arrive at an optimum solution, the hydraulic driven generators are precisely adjusted to the Iveco's LNG engine.


Nitrogen and more

Air Liquide Benelux is part of the Air Liquide Group, and includes subsidiaries active in the production, distribution and sale of industrial gases, technologies and services. Air Liquide has 27 industrial locations in the Benelux, good for 1,200 employees in this region. In the Netherlands, Air Liquide has a database of 5,000 industrial customers and 24,000 patients are served in various hospitals.


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