GD Builds Screw Compressor on Intervention Truck for Pidpa

Pidpa use this fully equipped truck as a Mobile Workshop. 

Until now, these trucks were coupled to a trailer with a diesel driven Compressor. This had several disadvantages: it was difficult to manouvere and a there was a high risk that the trailer could be stolen. It also meant that the trailer needed to be disconnected to allow access to the rear of the vehicle. The self contained compressor system installed by Gardner Denver at their fitting facility in Antwerp  offers consiserable health and safety advantages to the operator in that all physical handling of the compressor and engine is now eliminated.

This concept is very popular in the UK and now Pipda has adopted the same system. 

The compressor delivers up to 3.5m³/min, the nominal pressure is set to 7 bar. An aftercooler and water separator ensure that the compressed air is ready to use.
For an air hammer, mole, vibration pusher or cleaning, the engine is running just above idle speed and the noise emmisions are very low.

The operators are very impressed with the new vehicle, it is quiet, easy to use and makes there day to day work much easier to accomplish.

Pidpa, as one of the premier Belgian water companies provides water for more than 500.000 customers and nearly 1.2 million residents in the province of Antwerp, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore they have an impressive infrastructure: 61 water towers, 27 pump stations and more than 12.700 km of pipelines. Each of the links in the chain has to be maintained, updated and expanded. 
Additionally Pidpa offers a wide and varied range in terms of sewage management. Pidpa has also a wide range of water services: consulting, scientific and technological research, customer service, educational projects, protection of natural resources.

Picture: new Pidpa truck with a screw compressor in under-built

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