Wuhan Gaohua Case Study

Wuhan Gaohua has partnered with Gardner Denver China to provide solutions for bulk transport vehicles for use in industries such as metallurgy.

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Gaohua vacuum and discharging vehicles perform the hermetic suction and pressure discharging operations in an environmentally friendly manner. This is executed with the application of the Gardner Denver HeliFlow vacuum pump and the Gardner Denver XK18 compressor. The compact design of each machine allows for them both to be installed in the very limited space envelope on these high specification Pressure Vacuum Tankers. The equipment operates in very arduous application where continuous unloading and loading takes place in very dusty conditions. The Heliflow and XK machines are proving to be very successful.


Liu Liwu, General Manager of Wuhan Gaohua:

"The GD equipment features low installation weight, low maintenance cost and appropriate complete vehicle kerb mass. The machines offer very quiet operation and efficient discharging necessary for the environmental transport vehicles for industrial dust collection and treatment."


An Efficient Solution

The high performance of Gardner Denver’s core equipment plays a critical role in that the large air volume of the XK18 on-board compressor greatly enhances the operation with improved efficiency of the suction and discharging process, thus delivering a very cost efficient and reliable solution to the customer.


At present, Wuhan Gaohua has applied the Gardner Denver equipment to its full range of tankers enabling the company to offer tankers of extremely high quality and first class aftermarket support.


Gardner Denver has successfully provided equipment for Chinese Pressure/Vacuum Tankers company, Wuhan Goahua. As a leading manufacturer of suction and pressure vehicles, Wuhan Gaohua has cooperated with Gardner Denver in China to provide complete solutions for bulk transport vehicles for use in industries such as metallurgy, chemical engineering, petroleum, building materials and coal dust transfer.



Customer: Wuhan Gaohua - Vacuum & Discharging Vehicles Operator

Location: China

Application: Dry Bulk Discharge Vehicles

Products: XK18 Screw Compressor

Customer Benefit: The Gardner Denver XK18 Screw Compressor offers improvements to the efficiency of the suction and discharge process. 

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