Remix Dry Mortar Case Study

Gardner Denver has provided the best solution for Remix Dry Mortar with new compressors for the upgrade of their fleet of vehicles.

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Remix Dry Mortar Ltd. have operated Silo Trucks in the UK for many years with Gardner Denver Discharge equipment. They recently needed to upgrade their fleet of vehicles with new compressors and came to Gardner Denver for the best solution. The new vehicles are Euro VI compliant with a very short wheelbase (3.25m) and therefore little room to install compressors with mechanical drive. Gardner Denver selected the well proven Hydraulically Driven XK12 as the solution for this application. With this system we have delivered the most efficient discharge package combined with a first class filtration system for the containment of dust generated during the discharge process.


Multi Product Solution

By using the industry leading Gardner Denver Hydrapak 3 we were able to install the equipment on the vehicle chassis despite the limited space. The XK12 is installed discreetly inside the chassis and the Hydrapak below chassis level on the side of the vehicle as is illustrated in the photograph. This positioning allows for adequate swing clearance of the tractor unit and coupled semi trailer. Due to the high efficiency of the cooling system the compressor can be used to develop maximum power at all times. 

Remix Dry Mortar Ltd. have historically used the filter bag system for the containment of the dust that is generated during the unloading process. Unfortunately this has not always been completely successful with some dust escaping and contaminating the loading and unloading area. Gardner Denver has addressed this situation by installing the Solimar return filter, this is directly attached to the vent on the silo and prevents any dust being deposited externally. The tanker can be de-pressurised through this new filter and is absolutely dust free. The filtration system is also fitted with a signal light that informs as to when the dust collector is full and in need if emptying.

In summary, Gardner Denver has provided Remix Dry Mortar Ltd. with an ideal solution for the demanding requirements of its clients that will meet its customers requirements for many years.



Customer: Remix Dry Mortar Ltd - Silo Trucks Operator

Location: United Kingdom

Application: Dry Bulk Discharge Vehicles

Products: XK12 Screw Compressor, Hyrapak, Micronic Filters

Customer Benefit: Installation of efficient discharge package, and a leading filtration system, ensuring contaminant free loading areas.

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