De Rijke Case Study

Dry bulk haulier De Rijke N.V. has again selected the XK18 dry bulk compressors from Gardner Denver for unloading their bulk trailers.

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De Rijke has once again selected the XK range from Gardner Denver, the package has proven for many years to be the very best all round solution for their applications. Combined with low installed weight, lower fuel usage (up to 3 liters saving per hour) and shorter unloading times the machine offers the best economic and environmental results for the customer and Gardner Denver.


Jeroen de Rijke, Chief Procurement Officer at De Rijke N.V.;

"In addition to the operational benefits and cost savings with the XK18-5 we also value great importance to the cooperation with our partners. Our excellent and long-lasting relationship with the people of Gardner Denver and international service they offer us throughout Europe is a good example about how a partnership works."


De Rijke N.V. is part of the “De Rijke Group”, a leading international logistics service provider with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Spain.



Customer: De Rijke N.V. - Leading International Logistics Service Provider

Location: Netherlands

Application: Dry Bulk Vehicles

Products: XK18 Screw Compressor

Customer Benefit: Gardner Denver's ongoing partnership with De Rijke provides benefits beyond operational and cost saving.

De Rijke N.V. has again selected the Gardner Denver XK18 dry bulk compressors from Gardner Denver for unloading their bulk trailers. At the Gardner Denver vehicle installation facility based in Belgium N.V. (Antwerp) eight of the market leading XK oil- free bulk compressors installations were completed very quickly on Scania 4x2 tractor units in line with the demanding schedule requested by De Rijke. De Rijke uses the XK18-5 compressors to unload a broad range of plastic powders and granulates. The compressor installations are fitted with high efficiency air aftercoolers to unload these temperature sensitive products quickly and safely.

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