Linear Diaphragm Pumps and Compressors

Thomas Provides a Wide Range of OEM Linear Diaphragm Pumps and Compressors for Various Pressure and Vacuum Application Needs

Thomas provides linear diaphragm pumps and compressors to OEMs for a broad range of medical, environmental, and industrial applications. Thomas oil-free linear pumps and compressors are the best choice for pressure and/or vacuum applications that require oil and contaminant-free air, compact designs, high efficiency, low power consumption, and very low noise levels.

Benefits of Thomas Linear Diaphragm Pumps and Compressors

Thomas linear diaphragm compressors and vacuum pumps are used whenever the customer requires easily serviced pumps that provide low sound & vibration, sealed air path, high flow at a low-pressure ratio, or aim for long life of the end device.

A substantial advantage over other pump technologies is that there are no wearing parts, such as brushes, bearings, rings, vanes or cup seals in linear pumps and compressors, which means fewer parts, less friction, and fewer failure modes.

Thomas Linear Diaphragm Compressors and Pumps for All Market Needs

Thomas provides various product series of linear magnetic and vibrating armature motor types. The vibrating armature pump series operates at AC or DC drive are capable of pressure or vacuum operation. Vibrating armature linear pump series provide open flows rates ranging from 0.031 cfm (900 ml/min) up to 0.300 cfm (8.5 l/min), continuous maximum operating pressure up to 700 mbar (10.87 psi), and maximum vacuum up to 550 mbar (16.24 in Hg).

The linear magnetic motors operate with either AC or DC drive and provides open flow rates ranging from 0.052 cfm (1.5 l/min) up to 22.07 cfm (625 l/min), maximum continuous operating pressures up to 450 mbar (6.53 psi), and maximum continuous operating vacuum up to 300 mbar (8.86 in Hg).

Linear Pumps Suitable for Wide Range of OEM Applications

The Thomas range of linear pumps for vacuum and pressure is often the OEM first choice technology when designing drive units are chosen for hospital bed air mattress inflation, air and gas samplers, or de-soldering applications. Whereas our enclosed blowers are the number one choice for sewage aeration market.

OEMs rely on our linear compressors, and linear vacuum pumps for economical and long-lasting solutions, that provide a range of technical benefits. These benefits include high efficiency, low power consumption, low sound levels, as well as a sealed air path, high flow to low-pressure ratio.

Featured Applications using Linear Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

  • Aquaculture, Battery and Pond Aeration
  • Air and Gas Samplers
  • Compression Therapy Devices
  • De-Soldering Machines
  • Hospital Beds/Air Mattresses
  • Sewage Aeration, Greywater Treatment

How Do Linear Pumps and Compressors Work?

The linear diaphragm air pump and compressors are a type of positive displacement pump. They use electromagnetism to apply force to a diaphragm that transfers the air through one-way valves. The drive alternates the current in electrical coils to reverse the magnetic field induced around a magnetized shuttle. The shuttle has a diaphragm/piston attached to its end and is used to push the air through the pump valves.

Linear gas pumps and compressors are oil-free, meaning they don't require lubrication. In addition to that, these pumps don't have any wearing or sliding parts. Their case is made out of durable and robust materials, keeping them safe from the environmental conditions. Selected units are equipped with rubber feet.

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