Articulated Piston Pumps & Compressors

Robust and environmentally tolerant, Thomas’ articulated piston pumps and compressors are the first choice for OEM applications. They remain a preferred source of air pressure for many demanding applications such as air suspension, central tire inflation systems, dry sprinkler systems, etc.

Thomas’ articulated piston pumps and compressors are workhorses that go in dirty, hot and cold environments, and in applications with high pressure and high cycle requirements. Their straight up/straight down piston motion is tailor-made for delivering high-pressure, high-volume airflow; good for stopping and restarting against back pressure. Their oil-less designs eliminate contamination concerns. Articulated piston technology is the most tolerant to intake air contaminants, as well, it uses motor options (DC, AC, 3 Phase) for flexibility. Our articulated piston pumps should be considered if you are replacing an old one and when an application demands exceed WOB-L® limitations.

Features that only Thomas’ Articulated Piston Technology provide:

  • Can run continuously at high pressures (175 psig/ 12 bar)
  • Can restart at high pressures (175 psig/ 12 bar )
  • Can operate in very harsh working environments (dirty, dusty)
  • More tolerant to contamination in intake air
  • Flexibility of motor options (DC, AC, 3 Phase)
  • Ease of global or application specific hook-up
  • Totally enclosed motor
  • Optional DC enclosed motor/housing design (few competitors with equivalent quality product)
  • Very robust pump

Potential Market Applications


  • Air Sparging

Food & Beverage:

  • Beverage Dispensing


  • Cable Pressurization
  • Car Wash Equipment
  • Dry Sprinkler Systems
  • Mast Erection
  • Surface Preparation Equipment
  • Waveguide Pressurization
  • Wheel Flange Lubrication


  • Air Doors
  • Air Suspension
  • Central Tire Inflation System
  • Portable Air Source
  • Kneeler Systems


  • Dental Carts

We are sure that Thomas’ advanced technologies can help you provide the products and services you need.

Please select our articulated piston pump below for further information on how we can meet your needs.