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Flexible Impeller pump max flow 70 GPM max pressure 12.5 PSI 214M

Flexible Impeller Pump - 214M

This all bronze flexible impeller pump is used for sewage transfer from toilets to holding tanks and for pump-out and disposal from holding tanks. It’s solid, corrosive resistant design can handle sewage, waste, toilet paper, cigarettes, cigars, and all solids maceration of approximately 1 inch size. Macerator WILL NOT handle fruit pits, hard plastic utensils, prophylactics, cloth or sanitary napkins.

For optimal performance the impeller and seal must be replaced using these guidelines:

The impeller must be replaced if it is worn out or has been damaged by debris or by running the pump dry. Symptoms of a defective impeller are low pumping pressure and low flow. To replace the impeller, remove screws and cover. Remove macerator wheel, plate and gaskets. Pull out the impeller with needle nose pliers or two screwdrivers. Be careful not to dent the pumping chamber with these tools. When inserting new impeller, line up flat on impeller with flat on the shaft. Use oil on shaft and avoid forcing the impeller onto the shaft.

The impeller should also be removed for storage periods to prevent the blades from taking a permanent set.

If water drips from the weep hole or from the area where the shaft exits the pump, the seal is defective and must be replaced. While the Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) barrier seal provides a first line of defense, prolonged running of the pump with a leaky seal can destroy the ball bearings resulting in catastrophic pump failure and motor shut-down. For seal replacement, the pump must be removed from the motor and disassembled in order to gain access to the seal area. Lip seals must be pushed out of their press-fitted position and new seals pressed into place using a sealant on the outside of the lip seal housing. Refer to exploded view drawings for seal location and part numbers for ordering purposes.