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Engineered Vacuum Systems

Anchored in tradition, the HOFFMAN & LAMSON Engineered Vacuum System line-up continues a century-long commitment to providing customers with innovative design, a comprehensive product line, quality manufacturing, and ongoing advances in efficiency and sustainability.

No other company has the capability, reputation, and dedicated engineering expertise to deliver the most advanced and dependable products available today such as our Flux Recovery and Self Contained Vacuum Systems.

Our Engineered Vacuum Systems are designed to be the ideal solutions for any Housekeeping, Pneumatic Conveying, Product Reclamation, and Hazardous Dust Control Operations.

Vacuum System Solutions:

  • Pre-Engineered and Custom Designed Systems
  • Stationary and Portable Systems
  • Primary and Secondary Separators
  • Controls for Monitoring and Efficiency
  • Accessories: Filters, Explosion Proof Upgrades, Hoses, Tools, and More

Flux Recovery

Hoffman and Lamson flux recovery systems remove unused flux, slag or fused particles from the work and separate the slag-free flux into a hopper for future use. Removing the flux dust results in cleaner welds, fewer rejects and increased production.

Hazardous and Combustible Dust Control

Combustible dust can be formed by milling, sanding, grinding, crushing, cutting or simply handling material that is in powder form. In 2008, following several news-worthy mill explosions, OSHA reissued CPL 03-00-008, which outlines recommendations and guidelines for decreasing combustion risk. Safety organizations continue to focus on this problem and the ways to reduce it. Both OSHA, the FDA and NFPA prefer housekeeping methods that employ vacuum. Hoffman & Lamson central vacuum systems offer advanced explosion proof valves, panels and other features for the ultimate safe and clean environment.

Learn more about vacuum systems for hazardous and combustible dust.

Housekeeping - Commercial and Industrial

Hoffman & Lamson engineers custom central vacuum solutions for cleaning industrial facilities and commercial buildings. From large multi-operator systems, to portable units, we offer complete system packages including hoses, tools and accessories to keep your facility clean and remove dirt and hazardous dust.

Pneumatic Conveying

In pneumatic conveying vacuum is used to move materials through an enclosed pipeline. In this application no moving parts touch the materials, dust is contained within the system and contaminants are unable to enter the closed system. Pneumatic conveying is often used to transfer bulk from storage to process, and is often used in food and other applications where safety and hygiene as a concern.

Silica Dust Control

Hazardous crystalline silica particulates can be formed by milling, sanding, grinding, crushing, or cutting silica-containing materials such as concrete and stone. Workers exposed to silica are at risk of developing lung cancer, silicosis, and other chronic lung diseases. Hoffman & Lamson Engineered Vacuum Systems provide a clean, silica free work areas through the use of specialized engineered central vacuum systems with HEPA Filtration, and efficient separators. Our vacuum systems work with hoods for silica dust capture, and help isolate the material to properly contain and dispose of the hazardous dust.