Industrial Central Vacuum Systems & Accessories

Hoffman & Lamson is committed to providing the right industrial central vacuum system to guarantee working and manufacturing environments are safe, clean, and dust-free, ensuring the health of employees and final products.

Our line of products and engineering expertise makes it possible to design complete vacuum systems with optimum performance and capability at the lowest operational expense.

Discover our extensive portfolio of products below and find the system that is best suited for your application requirements.

Vacuum Collectors & Separators

We offer an extensive line of collectors, each with specific attributes and functions, customized to accommodate nearly any application. Our product range of collectors and separators at Hoffman & Lamson includes primary vacuum collectors, secondary collectors, and wet collectors.


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In addition to supplying industrial central vacuum systems, we have hoses, tools, and accessories for any vacuum application requiring carpet cleaning, picking up metal shavings, or broken glass.

Vacuum Hoses & Tools

We offer a wide range of commercial, industrial, and utility vacuum hoses, floor rods, and hand tools to the vacuum marketplace. Our vacuum hoses are available in a variety of materials such as flexible plastic, heavy-duty rubber, vinylife, and more.


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Changes to United States Occupational Health Regulations Call for Vacuum Technology from Hoffman & Lamson

HOFFMAN & LAMSON’s engineered vacuum systems have provided important support in safeguarding our customer’s most valuable assets – their employees – from a potential workplace hazard, as well as helping our customers bring their processes in compliance with updated U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.


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Central Vacuum Tubing & Fittings

We offer a complete line of Smooth Flow tubing and fittings, which help simplify installation and reduce piping loss. The lightweight tubing and fittings provide efficient and cost-effective piping and are selected worldwide in place of heavy cast iron piping. Available in many different sizes, gauges, and materials, Hoffman & Lamson has every tubing and fitting your operation will need.


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Flux Recovery Vacuum Systems

Flux Recovery Vacuum Systems remove unused flux, slag, or fused particles from the work and separate the slag-free flux into a hopper for future use. Removing the flux dust results in cleaner welds, fewer rejects, and increased production. HOFFMAN & LAMSON Flux Recovery Systems are available as pre-engineered systems or custom engineered to suit specific applications.

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T-Vac Self Contained Vacuum Systems

T-Vac Self-Contained Systems are offered as portable and stationary models and designed with the rugged construction necessary for industrial service. The platform design allows a wider variety of options for cone-bottomed, pulse jet separators with HEPA filters, and three different types of vacuum producers that provide a selection of performance characteristics.


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Invincible Portable Vacuum Systems

Hoffman & Lamson's experience with portable products descends from the Invincible line dating back to the early 1900s. Our portable vacuum systems are involved in many applications ranging from general housekeeping to spill pick-up and dust control. Our portable systems are mounted on a common frame and include the exhauster, motor, and secondary type of collector.

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Industrial Central Vacuum System Applications

Our systems are installed in a variety of applications to accomplish good house cleaning, material recovery, to capture dangerous and hazardous dust, and vacuum conveying of material.

Common applications requiring industrial central vacuum systems include: 

  • General Housekeeping 
  • Pneumatic Conveying 
  • Product Reclamation
  • Hazardous & Combustible Dust Control 

Trusted Experts

Hoffman & Lamson has a strong reputation as a global leader of engineered solutions and producing premier quality products efficiently and economically. Trust Hoffman & Lamson for the quality, reliability, and performance you expect and your operation demands.

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