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Electra TSV

  • Variable Speed Two Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors
  • 150-225kW
  • Enclosed or Unenclosed
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • 100, 145 and 200 PSI

The engineering ingenuity of Gardner Denver began in 1859. For over 150 years, our compressed air products have been a dependable resource for meeting the world’s most demanding and ever-changing industrial needs. Featuring high performance airends, premium effciency motors and following the same design philosophy as the Electra Saver G2; we offer the same clean design, service benefits and features in a compact, two stage machine. 

Featuring a semi-integrated over/under two stage proven airend with integral cartridge filter makes a compact, lean and easy-to-service package. The Electra TSV utilizes commonality in parts and components with the Electra Saver/SaverII 200–300 HP packages. This truly makes the Gardner Denver Electra series a comprehensive and complete family portfolio. Following our good, better and best philosophy of supporting our customer in ALL applications and market segments. 




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