Maximize Uptime and Extending Performance

We provide a range of vacuum pump repair services for our equipment. Below you will find further information on how we can support your production process by keeping your vacuum and low pressure equipment operating at optimum performance.


Industrial Vacuum Pump Parts & Servicing

Genuine Parts, Genuine Performance

We offer a range of vacuum pump service and repair options to help our customer extend machine life and performance accuracy whilst minimising downtime. Our network of local factory experts provide on-site vacuum equipment service, support and maintenance. They’re experts in vacuum pump repair, only using  genuine spares parts. Preventative and predictive maintenance schedules and pump overhaul services, help ensure maximum uptime and process efficiency. Our Vacuum Pump repair and maintenance options include:

  • Genuine spares, oil, gear lubes and service kits
  • Extended warranty and service contracts
  • Onsite pump servicing and repair
  • Vacuum Pump overhaul
  • Rental pumps
  • Breakdown cover


Genuine Parts for Genuine Performance

Always use Genuine Spare Parts to maintain top performance. The exclusive use of original spare parts guarantees an efficient operation, and as much as possible, mitigates risk of any potential equipment failure. Regular vacuum pump repair and maintenance procedures will help you to:

  • Maximise efficiency
  • Reduce equipment stress
  • Optimise Performance
  • Increasing Operating life
  • Minimise Downtime
  • Lower overall cost of ownership


Precision engineered equipment, such as our vacuum and low pressure pumps, requires each and every part to work in harmony. Each component has undergone hours of testing to find the optimum performance relationship. Therefore, the use of genuine spare parts is essential to ensuring your equipment maintains performance and longevity of operational life. Nothing can match the factory quality genuine spare parts for your machine.


The Risk of Not Being Genuine

Never use non-genuine spare parts during a vacuum pump repair and alway seek the support of a factory trained service engineer. Using non-genuine spares parts when repairing your vacuum pump or low pressure equipment can have the following impacts:

  • Increased energy consumption as equipment efficiency is compromised
  • Reduction in equipment accuracy causing greater process variation
  • More frequent service and vacuum repair intervals as lower quality parts require replacing more often 
  • Increased risk of unplanned downtime and lost production time as failure is more common in non-genuine spare parts 
  • Void of factory warranties when non-genuine parts are used in any vacuum pump repair


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