Wastewater Treatment

Robuschi has been a leading partner for the wastewater industry for many decades. Its rotary lobe blowers, screw compressors and centrifugal pumps offer energy efficient and sustainable solutions for a variety of applications in this field, such as primary sedimentation, aeration, slurry liquid pumping and back washing sand filtration.

For wastewater treatment plants, energy can account for as much as 75% of the overall operation costs of the facility. Aeration systems are the largest energy user in wastewater treatment plants (more than 60% of the total electricity cost), so improvements in efficiency can significantly reduce energy costs

Up to 75% of your compressed air costs will be spent on energy, so state-of-the-art aeration equipment can make the difference, not only to reduce your carbon footprint, but by substantially lowering life cycle costs. Choosing the right technology is crucial. The benefits of taking the time to learn about the range and choice of products from positive displacement blowers, screw blowers, air blowers, or turbo blowers, are immeasurable.


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Benefit from Experts

The spectrum and process complexity in the environmental industry make it indispensable to choose a well-established, knowledgeable supplier for every application. Thanks to its wide range of technologies, its brands’ excellent reputation and its outstanding global team of application experts, Robuschi can provide the most suitable solution that combines superior efficiency, small footprint, minimum maintenance, operating costs, long service life and low noise emission. There are popular control choices for an output blower system and there are custom solutions. The main thing to do is speak to an expert about your particular application and its requirements.

Competitive Total Cost of Ownership

The initial investment in wastewater treatment equipment constitutes only one of the key elements to consider when choosing a solution. In fact, if we look at the total cost of ownership, we are better able to assess the cost competitiveness of each area of spending ie. capital investment, installation, operation and ongoing maintenance costs. We provide solutions that look at keeping to a minimum all of these components: energy consumption, installation and set-up, service and maintenance.

Robuschi wastewater treatment

Excellent Application Know-how

Excellence in applications is achieved thanks to a close cooperation with our application engineers. Robuschi offers the experience and know-how gained over of many decades as one of the industry leading suppliers and partners. Domestic sewage treatment ideally provides conversion processes that can turn the discharge product into a useful byproduct, such as CHP power, farming or even animal feed.

Choosing the best solution for sewage treatment systems that meet the regulations for residential conditions as well as protecting the environment is essential. There are rainwater, drainage, and pollutants conditions that vary.

Energy Efficiency

Robuschi is able to offer a wide portfolio with various technologies targeting the most efficient operation possible, to accommodate the needs of all applications and their constraints. In addition to that, we provide a wide range of supporting technologies such as frequency converters, human machine interfaces and interactive web-based communications tools to keep energy cost down and optimise process flows.

Robuschi wastewater treatment

A Unique Array of Technologies

With its market leading brands and products, Robuschi is in a unique position in the wastewater treatment sector. This is the result of a long and sustainable history of customers’ partnerships built through optimised, tailored and high quality solutions whose reliability and performances have stood the test of time. From our engineering excellence to our management skills, we have the solutions to any waste water treatment plant or sewage treatment plant application – from the initial install to providing parts and ongoing service.

Robuschi wastewater treatment plant

Primary Sedimentation

Aeration Process in WWT Plants

Slurry Liquid Pumping

Back Washing Sand Filtration

Sludge Treatment