Time is money and downtime is lost money. Nowhere is that more true than in the petrochemical industry. Oberdorfer™ pumps are designed to handle the harshest of operating conditions in the petrochemical field. For hydraulic fracturing, there’s not a more reliable pump than our CHEMSTEEL™ pumps line for solution blending. Oberdorfer™ also has a pumping solution for crude oil transfer, oil scavenger,  oil line water heating and even chlorine dioxide applications. 

Oil & Gas Refinery


Blending for fracking

Oberdorfer pumps are used to transfer liquids in for mixing applications in chemical-add trailers for fracking. Oberdorfer’s corrosion resistant and reliable pumps are ideal for fracking applications.

Crude Oil Transfer

Our crude oil transfer pumps can be found in onshore or offshore applications worldwide. Oberdorfer pumps are used to transfer oil reliably in a variety of applications. Our pump housings and gears are made of top quality bronze, shafts are 303 stainless steel. Bearings are made of high performance carbon-graphite material selected for wear resistance and long service life. Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps. Each shaft revolution displaces a definite amount of liquid relatively unaffected by the back pressure in the discharge line. Shaft speed and flow are directly proportional. The pump by-pass is not intended to be a metering or flow control device.

Oil Line Hot Water Heating

Our Oberdorfer centrifugal pumps have a single open vane rotating impeller. Liquid enters at the center and is thrown outward radically by centrifugal force. The impeller is not in contact with other pump parts resulting in quiet, efficient pumping action. The flow produced is not positive which permits the discharge line to be shut off completely without danger of overloading motors or bursting lines. Consequently, a relief valve is not required.