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portrait of moses oberdorfer

Oberdorfer™ Pumps has a rich history of quality, ingenuity and service. The pump department of Oberdorfer™ Foundries was formed in 1890 when Moses L. Oberdorfer™ began manufacturing bronze pumps in a small factory on East Water Street in Syracuse, NY. Oberdorfer™ pumps were used to provide oil for lubrication of the engine cylinder walls for the early automobile, aircraft and motorboat industries.

Oberdorfer™ became an innovator in pump manufacturing and design of quality products for the early automotive industry, and followed that tradition into the aircraft industry. The first commercial air-cooled aircraft engines were equipped with bronze gear pumps made by Oberdorfer™. The four (4) in-line cylinders were lubricated by a single pump driven off the crankshaft. An Oberdorfer™ pump mounted on a 1914 Kemp aircraft engine is currently on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

During World War I, Oberdorfer™ recognized the need to develop and manufacture pumps for the marine industry. This expanded Oberdorfer™’s product line to include centrifugal pumps and bilge pumps, which were submersible and automatic. By the 1930's Oberdorfer™ became the first manufacturer to supply these new products to the marine industry. World War II brought a halt to the private boat market, and Oberdorfer™ directed its attention to the development of pumps for industrial and defense use.

After World War II, the industrial and agricultural markets demanded pumps made from advanced materials. To meet this need, Oberdorfer™'s newest branded line, CHEMSTEEL™, was developed. The CHEMSTEEL™ pumps line has evolved into three separate groups. They include metallic, nonmetallic and mag-drive pumps which serve the chemical processing industries. These versatile pumps are designed for corrosive, volatile and thin non-lubricating fluids, preserving the integrity of the chemical while preventing environmental hazards.

Today, Oberdorfer manufactures gear, centrifugal, flexible impeller, and progressive cavity pumps to serve industrial, oil & gas, marine, food & beverage, and agricultural applications among others. Oberdorfer™ has always produced quality pumps, and has always been an innovator in manufacturing and design. We have weathered the changes our world has seen and have been at the forefront of advancing technology. As our world grows, so does Oberdorfer™. The evolution of the pump continues, and Oberdorfer™ will continue to be a leader in pump innovation.