Gardner Denver Transport Solutions are the UK market leader in the conversion of trucks to meet demanding ADR and SLP regulations. Our years of experience in the conversion market ensures that Gardner Denver have the skills and knowledge to convert the latest commercial vehicles to comply with the regulations within the manufacture recommendations and guidelines.


Gardner Denver ADR Truck

Approved By All Truck Manufacturers

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To carry dangerous bulk goods such as petrol or chemicals, trucks must comply with European legislation called ADR. This stands for Accord Dangerous Routier. To prevent accidents that lead to injury or damage to properties and the environment, the transport of bulk goods by road must be regulated.

The ADR standard supplies a set of safety features that a truck must adhere to so that it can carry specific products. There are varying ADR categories that you must abide by depending on the type of product you carry. This will vary depending on if you are carrying explosives, flammable liquids, hydrogen peroxide, or any other petrochemical products.

As part of an ADR conversion, in many cases the vehicle wiring will need modification, a master switch will need to be fitted to ensure the vehicle electrics can be isolated when loading and unloading and the cab heater must be non-programmable. GD will also complete all basic vehicle modifications such as fitting an orange Hazign plate, warning triangles, wheel chock, torch, visi-vest and other items such as first aid kits and eye washing stations.

Other safety features we install include; fire extinguishers, and an intrinsically safe tachograph c/w barrier device. SLP is an additional requirement that is specific to the UK.

UK Safe Loading Pass modifications are required to take a vehicle into an oil terminal and load oil products, typically petrol, into the tanker. SLP modifications require the inclusion of an additional knock-off switch on each side, a green marker light to show the status of the switch, and the inclusion of a fire screen. Fire screens are fitted to the back of a truck’s cab and cover the engine. This helps to avoid any product spilling onto the hot engine and posing an ignition risk. Gardner Denver Transport Solutions are approved by all major truck manufacturers to complete modifications to both ADR and SLP standards.


We can offer vehicle conversions from standard specification, off-the-shelf trucks to all ADR classes or SLP, or we can perform an SLP upgrade to an ADR truck. Our experience in the field and our flexible scale of operation means that we have the ability to handle both large and small contracts, completing work to a high standard and offering a quick turnaround.


Furthermore, a unique advantage of working with us is that we can complete truck and tractor unit SLP pass and ADR inspection certificates, meaning your vehicle is ready to go on the road right away. The operator benefits from reduced downtime and operational costs as they can complete their modifications and certification all under one roof without the need for multiple service providers!

Additionally, our ADR and SLP conversions can be supplied in conjunction with other Gardner Denver Transport products such as the Hydrapak HK3 Oil Cooler!



ADR Truck Conversion Volvo UK
Gardner Denver ADR Truck

Approved by all major vehicle manufacturers, including:

DAF, Scania, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes Benz, and Iveco