Defence - Strong Under Pressure

Naval Defence is a vital aspect of a nation’s security. Our lifetime approach, focus on maintainability and bespoke designs mean we are the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading navies.

Your Lifetime Partner

At Reavell we have built our defence offering on ensuring we support our solutions throughout their extended lifetimes. Whether it’s through routine maintenance kits, scheduled factory refurbishment or immediate support where required, we pride ourselves on being your reliable lifetime partner.

With the service life of some vessel’s reaching in excess of 25 years, the maintenance burden of your equipment is a major consideration. Our spares pricing, design for fast, on-board maintenance and lifespan extending refurbishment programme ensure this burden is minimised.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that our naval compressor systems have been used world-wide since 1905. Whatever your requirement – Reavell can handle the pressure.

Defence Applications

  • Weapon Guidance Systems
  • Torpedo Charging
  • Ballast and Stabilisation Tanks
  • Centralised Air Systems
  • Breathing Air
  • Non-Magnetic Signature for Minesweepers
  • Engine Start